Saturday, May 28, 2005

How WELL i am!

wellness test! Posted by Hello

haan waise, it seems strange that im interested in something like that, but dont know, only since yesterday ( loneliness creates knew interests?), im kinda glued to this blog thing. haan may be just for a time being. anyway got my test as well, dont know what it means :D, and dont think so some test can represent me in fair manner but still posting it ( strange? ) aur haan...u know what, i have least sleep today! and going to work in an hour. came back in view to sleep on my beloved bed, but huh 2 hrs? is that enough, nooooooooo im sure i`ll be on REDBULL tonite, but kie kerien...need money innit?:P bye


At 5:34 pm, Blogger Mariam said...

Seems everyone is more intellectual than I am :O

At 2:41 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

oh dont tell me u believe in these things:P

At 10:49 am, Blogger Moiz said...

lol @ mariam!i'll definately try dat test on umm..saturday??amhella busy until,umm,tauqeer,u just started blogging??welcome aboard!

At 3:01 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

thanks moiz,


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