Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Pakistan needs to default?!

A brilliant article I read on "The News". It is about how the politicians have always been wasting tax payers money and ridicuosly spending the loans borrowed from International agencies. It is the right time for the country to go 'default' as they have been doing nothing right for the masses of the country....

One excerpt from the article is as below:

"For starters it would stop hiring poorly qualified political workers to stack the deck for future election campaigns. Forget hiring another ten thousand jiyalas as teachers, to ruin another generation of children. Let's face it, Pakistan cannot grow teachers on trees, it doesn't have any teachers. It has to go out and hire the best Indonesian, Turkish, and Korean teachers. It has to bring them to Pakistan and put them to work. Pay them real salaries. Hire the Emiratis that have designed Sheikh Mohammad's infrastructure revolution to do the same thing to Karachi. Then go out and hire every willing CBM, FAST, GIKI, and IBA graduate out there, and make cops and municipal administrators out of them. Take ten of those supercops, give them Blackberrys, night-vision goggles, Humvees and some ammo and put them outside every school. Forget the entourages. Protect the schools. Take the municipal administrators and tell them to get running water to those schools. If there's no well, and no groundwater, teach them how to negotiate deals, so they can buy truckloads of mineral water for the students, and their mothers. Get those kids and their families some clean water. Make sure there are nurses and doctors at each school. Pay every Aga Khan University Medical School graduate twice what they would make as residents at Mount Sinai or Beth Israel. Teach the kids their native languages, drop the grammatically dreadful and aesthetically murderous fake American accents and bring back the Pakistani accent to film, television, radio and to dinner parties."

A complete change in the approach as a society and Government's philosophy what is required at the moment!

Please read the whole article here.


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