Monday, February 06, 2012

Variance of capability

"The Quran accepts that different individuals possess different abilities in earning their livelihood – both in terms of talent type and capacity to work (We will not go into how these differences between individuals develop and how they can be minimised here). At this stage we will accept that these differences exist, so our aim is merely to project the Quranic viewpoint in this regard. The Quran states that due to variations in individuals’ abilities, different affairs of society are accomplished easily (43:32). However it also warns that people must not allow different abilities to create economic inequality in the society. The Quran has therefore explicitly stated in Sura Al Nahl (The Bee) that whilst differences exist in the abilities of individuals, this does not mean that those who possess a higher capability to earn should be allowed to keep their extra earnings as their own property. They must return any surplus earnings to benefit other (less well-off) assisting members of the community without whom they would not have earned a surplus in the first place. Many people oppose this concept and say: ‘How strange is this? This allows superiors and subordinates alike to become equal.’ People who say this are deluded with the notion that the higher capability they have is their own creation (i.e. they fail to see that were endowed with their talents by Allah). However this capability is not their own creation; it is a gift given by Allah, and it is one they receive for free (16:53, 16:71)."
I complete agree with what's being said. I have been thinking on similar terms for sometime now. It requires fundamental shift in attitudes and purpose in life.

What do you guys think?




At 5:37 pm, Blogger CATGIRL !! said...

Assalamoalikum Tauqeer:
ur post rally enlightened me at the right point. I did know the notion of equality in Quran and some days ago i was gonna update my status on Fb saying "competition does nto exist in Islam" but i dint know hwo to support my statement. wat u related here gives me a green signal to prove my point with credibility.
Thank you.

p.s. btw my short forms on my blog are b/c i take blog as a hobby n i write as if i m speaking--easy, short sometime slang but never over-board. However many a times i have erased n re-written words in full only cos i saw an invisible look of disapproval from u..

At 8:23 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

@CATGIRL: Wa alaikum Salam, I am glad you found it useful. Islam gives a completely different perspective of a human society, based on just principles and code of life.

We live in a age where we have confined religion to particular prayers and practice and have forgotten everything else about it. No wonder Muslim world is in a dire state.

And thank you writing some of the words again for me, I usually like your posts and subjects you choose, but I know a lot of people would get put off by 'trying' to read not-so-proper writing.

And at last, thank you for dropping by!


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