Wednesday, June 01, 2005

okay, im alone ( literally). :S

well to be honest, im damn bored at the mo. all alone in alien country, wild city. no one home , this manchester is not so me liky :(

Both of my mates* left me early morning today, haan haan they had work but what was the point of keepin me home then. Anyway, we went to movie yesterday. It was Mr.Azeem's idea of watchin horror movie ( i do kinda regret now ), i think* movie was HOUSE OF WAX, my eyes was closed most of the time (shushhhh) :$, but well haan i didnt pay for the ticket so no harm done in real terms:D

well this morning i was really pissed off* , msn friends will notice change in my nick ( sumthing strange nahi?), anyway dont know, i do hate 2 faced** people! and it feels bad when you get to know them, well may be everyone is like that, including me. ummmmmmmmmm choro yaar :)

next time a good blog!!! i promise you all :)
gd luck me


At 11:16 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

uff i didnt recognize k my first blog for june wud be like this :(

At 7:25 pm, Blogger @kS said...

hmmmmm !!!
life iz like tht..
no worriez... :)


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