Sunday, March 04, 2007


hmmm my first post? and its bin like more than a week haina? i know i know im lazy and all that bad yup yup thats me but hell what I am more than busy! never been this much all my life! or Am i just over-reacting? ...reaction? not something of my kind right, i know but sometimes you just have to , lazy three months in UK and sudden change to 8 am - 8 pm work routine is kinda hard, and they say we all have to do in start like that and yet again yeah its asian thing, work all day all week and get 70% results, God knows why we people can't stick to more sociala-ble work schedules which i am sure would produce better results, laiken well I am just no one to complain, as they all say, im NEW, someone new in the field, in the career, in job and in a country! so need to learn, rite! lets see how far i'll go with all this.

Apart from work life, they ain't much atm, well obviously im new here, have so much work related activites, so just a day off on friday only gives me bit extra time to sleep, havn't got many friends around as well, and people here are different waise... which i can understand, most of them came from pakistan, and making a relationship with them is a totally different task, the things i used to do might be considered not very polite in this environment , the worst odd for me is to call someone SIR, tho yes right thats how people respect each other here like in work places but its hard for me atm, over there it was always like, hey john, mike, eddy how u doin! lol i dont want to sound too much of that now! and you know what THAT is laiken well thats how i feel so here it is.

Havn't got much to right so far, nothing worthwhile hapening to put in my prestigious blog:P so i will wait for that....oh and I miss the time i used to spend on youtube watching simpsons and family guy...



At 2:26 am, Anonymous Blackrose said...

lol... Bless you! :p

At 11:44 pm, Blogger Mariam said...

Lol @ calling your seniors "sir" :D By the way, have you seen Burj al Arab?

At 4:05 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

seen, yes
been, no
anytime soon, dunno
really want to, nawt
you will, yeah hope so


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