Friday, January 26, 2007

Belated 1st post of the year...

Okay enough is enough, I wanted to do this for sometime but don't know why I could not. Yes, my first proper post of the year. Well don't expect it to be any special (as I ever had any :P), but still all the thoughts, brain storming and ideas I was building up to bring up my first post has just vanished into other worries I have to deal these days. But let us see what I was thinking all this time.

First post of the year, should it be about things I have achieved last year, the dreams come true, something I did which nobody thought I could and if there is any interesting thing I did or the things I have always wanted to have/do, still unfulfilled desires, all those childhood dreams still to be realised, or the relationships. Well that sounds more interesting than anything else, yes for YOU but not for me probably, because this is suppose to be my personal blog I guess 8-). Anyway, no expression is complete unless it is perceived somehow by other entity, rather it be human being or our green earth sharing neighbours. So let's try to make it interesting by touching all this in bits?

-Relationships- As delicate as ever. People come to your life, as a friend, as an e-friend, as a blogger friend, as someone you know, met in a party or on the field of cricket and now he wants your mobile or email address. Such situations are really hard to tackle, you simply can't say you don't want to talk to the person the one you have been having a good time a while ago, but that’s for sure that I need not to call him ever, may be because I already have too many people/friends to deal with or may be I don't like to know new people, your choice anyway. And there have been people, yes okay as in opposite gender who might class you a wee bit more than usual friend but shouldn’t that be agreed statement? Something both the parties belong to? So if you just try to calm the things down and RATE and TREAT every one with some kind of equality, as a FRIEND then you are asking for a trouble:). Not just the trouble but actually loosing people even as your hello-hi mates... Not fair! I would say, though people consider life ain't fair but I would say sometimes people are not fair at all in building relationships and then tearing away as we never knew each other. Anyhow the bottom line is, I came to know some new people last year as well as with every new year now, either it be my mature part of life or be living away from the family.

-Uni- This is kind of funny but when I was in school, I always thought there are 16 classes to learn. As with old Pakistani educational system, 12 years of high school with 2 years of undergrad and then 2 years of post grad. So I'll be free after that, having a good job and probably get married straight away. Only to know life is not that straight forward, I have spent 17 years of my life in classroom learning and 1 year in the industry and still if provided opportunity, I am more than happy to pursue PhD thing. Having a stable job, a house, a CAR yes a proper car, bank deposits, so I can travel anywhere I want to and yes probably a family seems bit far to me yet.

-Politics- Argh, yes I am the kind of person who is very much interested in the news programs and political shows but strangely enough, I am the least to talk about it. I am still in process of figuring out why is the case:). Especially, when it comes to the politics in the Pakistan, probably I feel, since I cannot do anything to change it so there is no point wasting our energy and time discussing things we wont get anything out from, though this is bit lame approach but well let's face it, I do think that way. Things are moving/changing very quickly, all the big hype of being liberal and moderate Muslims yet avoiding the real problems faced by our societies. The stereotypes needs to be dealt with, inhibition about different cultures and ideas are primary source of our problem which cannot be annihilated by importing and forcing Indian culture on to ours. What we need is a non-biased education and learning for our people. Give the people resources to think, helping them in making their (religious?) believes, their relationship to the statehood, their image as a society in the world rather trying to project what it is not. No! 70% of our population does not want to have mixed gender marathon race on the streets but yet again, it only counts when there is a democracy in the country and but not going back if the people really chooses to do so, I see no harm in it but please listen to the masses, what they want to say, let them generate their opinion about what matters in their lives, rather it be function of the society or matter of the politics.

Well, I guess I should leave now, it is getting way too political and well, people who actually know me ( in the real life I mean ), do believe that I do not hold very deep views about what is going on in the Pakistan these days, so I shall leave their belief intact and say you all good bye for now .

P.S: Now please, yes this might be the least favourable post of mine as a first post of the year, but believe me I never planned to waste your time (A).


At 2:19 am, Blogger Mariam said...

A thoughtful post, especially to realize the need for unbiased education. (Why didn't you post this earlier?!)

At 3:52 am, Anonymous Black_Rose said...

This post of urs... once again... asks me to think :( ... and so i feel obliged to type my thoughts out...

U never know.. i probably end up hijacking ur blog :D

Firstly.. i want to say .. very deep post...

Hmm.. what do we reflect on....when a year comes to an end..and another begins?

You're right.. our achievements..our downfalls..relationships..or ppl close to us we lost..or gained..
Our future ambitions...and what we expect of ourselves in the year to come.. We plan... even when we know most the time.. those plans don't follow.. We keep resolutions..even when we know.. we usually fail in fulfilling and carrying them out..
What is it at the start of the new year.. that fills us with new hopes.. new dreams and goals..

Can it be the cold? lol.. no.. :$ lets face it... we optimists dont give up on hope for a better tomorow.. and look back..and learn from our yesterdays..

Relationships.. yes i agree.. its a shame when we end up losing ppl who were close..who were friends.. or the other ends up confessing to not seeing u as just a "friend"...
Also i think its a shame when we lose in touch with old friends.. without even good enough reason.. just because we are busy? would that justify it?

Maybe not..

Uni.. u say u expected urself to be in a different the moment.. as i said earlier.. Life doesn't always go as planned... For some its a tough journey they have to overcome many obstacles to get to where they want.. The good thing about this is though.. That the person appreciates where they are.. and theres always that feeling of self satisfaction..and a feeling that u have achieved alot... so dont ever think.. i could have been here..or there... Smile.. at where u are..and what u have got..what u have achieved..and hope for a good outcome:p

The thing with politics is.. Lately ... u dont know what to believe!!
Theres always 2 sides to the story..and no matter.. how simple something may look on one news channel.. its always a different story in another news channel ..across the world...
So now.. i simply just take in ..everything i see... like a jigsaw puzzle.. and piece as much as i can together... The rest is left for the guessing game!

I feel like u wasted my brain power.. not my time! :D

At 6:38 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speechless. They have turned me into a chemical factory. Now they tell me that it could be the medication (you know those anti psycotics) that has put my back out. And now lucky me, guess who has a cathater again!
Remember, write a letter to yourself to find help at hand. Well listen to this, HELP! get me out of this glorified gaol. You know I am not psychotic or have had a psychotic episode. I don't want to take drugs for the next year to make me sane, I'm fine exactly as I am.

At 4:36 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...



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