Thursday, November 06, 2008

OMG they did it again!

This was Hotmail they forced us to use for months now. It was developed, worked on, revamped for several times, they sent Beta invites, voluntary sign up which means they tested the new interface quite a lot of times, as you may expect it from a biggest software provider in the world, hosting one of the most popular service called, Windows Live (Hotmail).

As people were getting used to the interface and developed few instinctual habits of using the service, certainly they decided to 'revamp' it again!

The most annoying thing I find in the new interface is, that they changed the location of the top menu!!! Why would you do so? Have a close look at the screen shot of the new interface, if some of you haven't got it yet, believe me they will force it to you as well, soon (I hope!).

Suddenly, there is 'New' button in place of 'Delete'. So, every time I select couple of junk emails to delete, I end up in dialog box for a new email!

And what’s with the colour scheme? Email selected doesn’t change colour, so you wouldn’t know what you pointing at. At interface colour scheme has got very limited and funny colours to choose from.

Now, please tell me why I should not use my Google Mail account as my primary id on the Internet?

P.S: You can click on the images for a better view.



At 4:57 pm, Blogger Def|n|tely |nS@nE said...

Why do you always have to complain about everything which is microsoft related? Its Free!!!! Use it and u will get used to it!

I have been using Gmail from last couple of years now and i don't like it at all. But hey its free and i can send and receive who cares?

At 9:06 pm, Blogger prajyot said...

cool post...well this new version is very nice..i hv been using msn since 8years now..i m too happy with the improvments

At 4:18 am, Anonymous Meher said...

I dislike hotmail's new look too :|


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