Friday, December 03, 2010

New year holidays dilemma.

Insha Allah (God willing), we will be having 1st Muharram on 7th December, here in Kuwait. I plan to fast that day, since got a day off as well :D

By saying that, yes! we will be having a day off on 1st January as well, and lot of people do get jealous when I tell them, but the point is, which is supposed to be the interesting bit of this post, that they usually move mid week holidays to the end of the week. (which they have done this year with few other Islamic holidays)

But for 1st Muharram, they couldn't do it, guess why? because then they have to move 1st January as well, and strangely, NOBODY wants that to be done, how funny is that, for a country with Muslim majority having such sentiments....:P



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