Monday, August 01, 2005

Off to Pak<;o)

haan ji, confusions, uncertainity, wait-and-see situation.............

haan ji its 10:19 in the morning and i`ll be leaving for pakistan late afternoon, should leave home by 14:30 coz my flight is about 16:00

Well new airline in scenario, serving as my retriet passage, its from leeds/bradford airport not much known for the international flights but i`ll be flying to Stockholm first, an hours stay and zooom to Lahore. Should be there by 7:15 on tuesday morning inshAllah.

I am kinda leaving this place, my room and all that, should be packing my computer as well sooooon. Its been 3 years for me in this country now, probably more than enough who knows:D yeah as i have done my degree, so moving back home, have applied to couple of universities for masters degree, lets see if i get through admission thingi then hopefully will be back by september the 15th otherwise God knows what gona happen.

Not enough time to write the proper blog, as me lazy person left packing for the last day:$ but i think it comes with the charm of flying home:D (excuses),,,,but well it was great living in Huddersfield for about 2 years, a year in Kent, and probably living as a whole in britian was fun, and exciting adventure if you wana say or well a good learning experience. So lets see then, you all peeps out there, enjoy yourself, keep updating ur blogs!!! i wont be much on net anymore, u know internet situation in pak:S anyway

and yeah wish me fun back home:P
bye now:)

(I`ll be writing next from lahoreeeeeeeeeeeeee;) )


At 6:41 pm, Blogger Mariam said...

Have a safe flight & enjoy your stay!


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