Friday, December 15, 2006

Hyprocrite who?

Tony Blair has hit back at claims a corruption probe into a Saudi arms deal with BAE Systems was dropped after commercial and political pressure. [, Friday, 15 December 2006. BBC Website]

Certainly it is a shocking news, in a country where rule of law is profoundly discussed. How can someone like a prime minister sanctions such case to be dismissed and accepts in a public that the case probe is dropped because of national security interests.

So does he want to say:

- UK businesses (Arms related) cannot sustain in the global market without paying bribes to obtain orders?
- Payments of such sorts are OKAY if done at government level but is a crime if exercised in a general public?

It would be interesting to see how he will get out of it, where we have so called free press and media, I hope he has thought about it!

-How come these governments can do anything on the name of national interests, but Asian specifically Muslim countries are threatened for that.


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