Monday, December 18, 2006


Okay had a good time this Sunday.
Venue: Blackburn.
Host: Abu Zar.
Relation: Old friend from Leeds.
Occasion: He had his first kid (though 3 months earlier) and just a get to gather.

He invited us all few days back or should I say broke the silence and accepted our demand after a long time. We were invited over a dinner at his place, and useless to say we are always desperate for that :D.

Though it was just a dinner invitation but our unusual early morning plan made it more like a day's activity. In early discussions it was decided we gona go out to somewhere, and only mentioned Ice skating as a spot. Well I never been to one before so wasn't sure how to respond. H the T-Pot and A were really excited about it. Apparently one had to reserve place before hand to avoid the rush and disappointment in the end and only session we could book was at 1 p.m. I must mention Blackburn is atleast an hours drive from Manchester where I am residing these days, as many of you already know.

So had to wakeup really early , it was a phone call from other mate who wanted to go with us at 11 a.m. We left our place at about 12. Stopped on our way at Mothercare to get something for his kid. I bought some clothes and so H did but A and A decided to go for a baby chair. It was all nice, fortunately a bright day. Halting our joy, it started to rain just to reach Blackburn. We were like arghhh no please not today and wow it went off after a while, though it remained dark all day after.

Okay quick one now, I think I'm going into too many details. We went to his place, had breakfast :D it was juices, hash brown, onion rings, samosay, kebab and couple of very tasty home made sauces (chutneys).

Then we went straight to the Blackburn Arena for skating. Well yes, it was scary at start. I had never tried anything like that before, I usually stay away from sports which can really DAMAGE your physical structure... I did manage to make my way to the other end holding the rails surrounded:D and I was the only one not to fall of in this hour long experience:D did manage to skate /walk without any help for a while but I was not feeling very well, was already weak due to my stupid neck sprain I had from Saturday so decided to leave the thing early.
From there we went for bowling but apparently no one was really interested, so half of us started on pool table and two of us went for a video game. Had a good time , I am not very well in pool as well but did help my team mate I guess :$.

So we were back by his place at about 5:30. The main theme: food! It was very nicely roasted chicken, pleasantly presented as well. Chicken pilao and mutter keema were other additions in the menu. Chat and rus-malayee was for desert. :D

We were home by 9 or 10 p.m I guess, fully tired but after a joyful day.


He and his cute lil son.


At 1:44 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Aaaaah, samosay, kebab & chtutniyaan :D You have to listen to my story of ice skating one of these days! By the way, the baby is really cute mashaAllah.

At 12:57 am, Anonymous Blackrose said...

lol tauqeer you look like ur ready to fall in one of those pics..

Be careful!

Also im sure u must have fallen lots of times after that one hour of rail holding :p.. You never mentioned all the injuries and bruises either!

well Good on you for trying it! "Shabash" as u say :D

At 3:53 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

-blackrose: :P:P
-mariam: waiting for your post on it soon!


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