Saturday, March 10, 2007

weekend update

Okay if you people really want to know, thursday night at last i get to see one of my old friends, Akif my old mate from Lahore University who lives in sharjah. I was trying to get his number since the day I came to this country but during those days only even he started his new job so didn't come online well anyway

He picked me up at 11 pm, we went back to sharjah which is literally just the next road from where I work ! anyway it was nice chatting to him about old stuff and how we end up where we are today...he had a job in lahore same company where i went for a month last year if someone could remember that :P and we both discussed why it wasn't the best company to work for...khair he picked me, went to his uncle's place where he had to drop the car for his dad and then some of his 'dubai' friends came along, and we went to sharjah 'corniche', stopped for a while , they had ciggerettes and red bull, i sticked to hot dog me and akif bought from the petrol station, and yes it wasn't best choice but again his as we both didn't had dinner yet. Water was nice and calm and wind was bit chilly, I didn't know those guys so had little interaction though mostly they were talking about buying new cars etc etc nothing of my interest yet(A).

There is so much stuff i want to write about specially the songs I am watching these on my limited 'watchable' channels I get at hotel room, the channel is MH1 or M1H i can't really figure out yet but the punjabi songs are just hillarious, haha the subjects, theme of the songs is just so typical, i was actually searching for that song on youtube without much success but it goes something like; 'girl: kitay hoja na mai class two to fail, channa way menu perh lein day,;boy: o pawa kay safarshaan chandigarho soniye tenu pass kera dieyan gay' class two is presumebly 2nd year college, i just wanted to put this on, no reason :D

and argh im so stuck with this tender thing and my immediate boss and his BOSS is coming tonight and i havn't got work finished yet:'(


At 4:29 pm, Blogger Sher said...

you staying in hotel ^o)

At 5:01 pm, Anonymous BlackRose said...

Aww.....see.........THEY DO HAVE REDBULL! :D woo...

lol at "watchable" channels... sniggers* at all those unwatchable channels.. :p

At 6:19 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

i was...@sher


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