Saturday, June 14, 2008

My trip saga to Dubai...

Location: In the Air!

Time: 16:40 GMT

Well, the aircraft is in the air now and is still in a smooth ride. Not to forget the drama I have faced in the last two days. I want to forget my job for a while and enjoy this short trip to Dubai as an escape from miserable times at work place yet the unfortunate struck me. I was suppose to leave for Dubai yesterday, as it was the last legal day for me to stay in the Kuwait but truly my plans to spend Friday (local holiday) with friends in Dubai failed miserably.

Okay, we are talking multiple abnormalities here. First, once again I missed the flight! Once again it was a low-fare-non-refundable ticket, once again it was company sponsored (but replacement from my pocket now) but also the last valid day on my visa. I have tried to overcome the guilt feeling I had since yesterday of repeating the same mistakes again and again, but to get my record straight, it was only 5mins since they closed the flight before I could get at boarding counter. And importantly, It wasn’t completely my fault, yes it was mine because I trusted others yet it was my office people responsibility to arrange my trip from accommodation to the airport but apparently it was left on me (considering me as a responsible traveler!!) but nobody knows how many times I have missed my trains/flight before. I missed my train once back in England costing me a chance to get into work placement and couple of times my coach from London to Manchester. It has always cost me time, money and added hassle yet I fail to initiate myself on time.

I am sure you all must be thinking, how lazy ass I might be and how not-so-trustworthy person I am, but believe me I have hardly missed any meeting time or late to office (when you actually have to) or a personal function yet these long journeys all alone has always been a cause of boredom for me resulting in showing up late for my flights and spending extra money on alternatives for nothing..

Not that only to miss the flight was enough; today the flight got 40 minutes late and was given duplicate boarding pass for the same seat with other gentleman sitting. If it all went as it was suppose to be, I may have been sitting with a beautiful Arabic lady with European accent but again fate had a different plan for me, making me look evil in front of her, by making me to sit on her seat as my seat was being taken by someone else. Not to mention, we was then seated 100 meter away from my location by other polite lady from airline services…

Lets hope the rest of the trip is safe, as seriously I was just running away the hectic routine I have in Kuwait for some relaxing time(and to get visa renewed for Kuwait) but the starts doesn’t seem to be very promising….


At 12:26 pm, Anonymous unaiza nasim said...

All's well that ends well, not
sart well.SO hope u had fun!
and hope ur visa gets stuck and u stay here more:D


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