Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Driving lesson..oh not again!

And day before yesterday I went for driving lesson.

Yes a driving lesson, in this world of weirdos it is something I have to go through after every couple of years. It is more than 10 years, since I had my first driving licence. And I have been driving for couple of years even before that, yet whenever I move to a new country, this is something they just ask you to do all over again.
Probably, since I am a Pakistani, so even if I had a driving licence from Dubai, with validity of 10 years, had no affect on authorities over here. So it was either I go back to Dubai, and beg for a letter from the traffic department there, stating that I have no offences or pending fines with the Dubai police, my licence could not be exchanged for a Kuwaiti driving licence, the country where the accident rates are worse in Gulf region. Even though in Dubai, the fines are issued against the car registration but not the driving licence did not seems to bother their Kuwaiti counterparts.

Anyway, I had my first lesson the other day; the instructor was an Egyptian, with very basic command of English, which made things little bit trickier than I thought. The only difficult thing to practise was reverse parking, as for some reason according to him; it is a law in this country to look through the back screen of the car by actually turning your face around while reversing your car! ...well he said I do not need any more lessons but just a practise session day before the driving test.

Let us see, where my love for going through the official process takes me, as in Kuwait you can get all these things done by actually sitting at home, only if you have spent some extra money or you know someone in the department. This doesn't seem to be a good idea for me, as you cannot imagine, I even had my driving test in Pakistan! I am sure that would be a surprise for lot of my Pakistani friends out there: P

P.S: Need your prayers :)

P.S: It took me 20 days of training, school tests, theory tests and about four months time to get UAE 's driving licence!



At 12:09 am, Anonymous Meher said...

Hahahah! Nice post! You have my admiration for taking the driving test in Pakistan. Good luck!


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