Monday, August 22, 2005

Pakistan Tour -2

JI i know its bin ong now k i said i gonna write a blog but so many pressures around, one never gets time to do "important" stuff.And in all this hussle i must have forgotten so many interesting and memorable stuff to write but still. Well lemme think some of it hmmmmm

Well as you all out there must be expecting k i must be enjoyin alot in pakistan but hmmm yeah yeah im trying to. and my way of enjoyement is bit different,relaxing home with family is most what i do but yeah 14th august a big day in pakistan's history and a well celebrated day of the calender here, i decided to take part in way as well,especially in pure lahori style, yup went out on my bike {motorbike} on 13th august night...

It was me and my very close friend cum cousin S with me. Well obviously in olden days like 3-4 years back :D we were never allowed to go out on such days coz of stupid traffic and horrible crowdbut well this time it was different. So HE arrived bit late at my place because of some reasons and my obvious question to hom was...where should we head to?{ thought he is LOCAL and should know places } and well he replied, its quite like like 11 p,m. but still MODEL TOWN LINK ROAD should be fun to go. And he insisted on goin with me on same bike...

Haan haan wohi huwa, there was nothin much there, no crowd, shops were closing and was just usual business closedown time, abit dissappointing as the way to that road was fully occupied by pollution oriented traffic and all my effort gone in vain..

So it was decided to check on LIBERTY MARKET now,.,,yeah LIBERTY the heart of modern Lahore situated in area called Gulberg. As we approached KALMA chowk, we could see crowds of bikers gettin ready for illegal, one-wheeling jash-ne-azadi race on the main road,
atmosphere was really scary as i could smell police raid soooon...and people who knows Punjab police, they are just insane :D as we headed towards mcdonalds about a couple of miles from Kalma chowk, we were quite frankly ambushed by number of policemen near lights holding BIG BIG sticks in there hands:|:|

I never saw that as a threat to us as we were never part of those racers and i passed slowly through the junction laiken still S got a big smack on his back from a police guy { pata nahi S always look bit suspicious } yeshhh it paid off:D he was the one who wanted to sit on my back so there he goes,got a big smack from that moti stickn and there was nothin much we could do hence took a side road and went straight to mcdonalds to cool him down with a shake ...:)


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