Friday, October 07, 2005

boring time..

room: C01.05
Time left for aftar: 2hrs exact.
Mental condition: Tired
Physical Condition: Exausted
Things to do: Alot.
Things to cheer about: Welcome reception At The National Museum Photography, Film and Television (,
Time: 18:00
Things not so cheerful: Im fasting and they got buffet & refereshments as well::

Somebody said exausted? No its not the word!!! I mean...what can you expect from me, 6 hrs sleep last nite (coz of sehri, namaz and everything) then first lecture at 9:00 which was :O :O Satellite communications,,,,and that guy is just...ahem ahem....kinda scientist wateva...

then at 1:00 Signals and systems,,,stupid boring theory which i did in undergrad 4 yrs back!
then at 3pm another boring lecture...Digital Signal processing( DSP ) which isnt dat boring but after all that its wasnt that interesting any more...
and now here i am in library checking emails and stuff and im not GOING HOME coz need to attend that reception just to get in touch with all the staff and probably discuss some project ideas with them

pata nahi mera kia banay ga...things look bit difficult in terms of time managment well lets hope for the best, me off to Asr prayer.



At 1:02 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Wohi banay ga jo manzoor e Khuda ho ga :) You hang in there!


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