Sunday, October 09, 2005

Welcome reception At The National Museum Photography, Film and Television

wasnt good in any sense!

well i must say that i live in BRADFORD , sooooo most of the students in my class are muslims/desi origin hence there wasnt many people as expected in that reception!! and well well well it was all about "drinks" and having a "good time" with fellow students and staff...wasnt of much use really.

There was some nice old old kodak cameras for display and apparently they gave photo cameras for free in 1950-1960s ( i wish i was alive that time :$ and in UK lol ), well nothing of much interest apart from that. and haaan i saw some old 3D cameras from late 70s or 80s sometime. Its amazing such a useful thing with three lenses and such a sharp picture wasnt a commercial success. I'll try to get a hold on one of them sometime in my life...only if photo film processing is still available for them:S

anyway other interesting thing was k Mai Bach Gaya! haan haan huwa kuch youn k i picked up an orange juice(apparently) and buss phir maine aise hi steward say pooch lia k isit just orange juice na? he goes no...its mixed with a fine liqour of somekind and i was like : just asked him to give me 'saada orange juice lol' and buss broke my roza with that and had some tuna sandwitches later aur buss :)


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At 12:44 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Jaisi aftaari apnay ghar mein hoti hai, aur kahin nahin hoti :|


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