Saturday, January 07, 2006

PIA :|:|

Lets start with thursday, i woke up about 11 ish and was just checking emails when recieved a txt from Az.: Do you wana come or not, tell me final now? i was like hain:S it was early for me to be honest and without breakfast i even dont leave for uni:$ and i knew we didnt had that much time as he was supposed to be back home by 2.

Well i said Okay, i leave in 15 mins. He was in huddersfield and he wanted to see someone but probably didnt wana go on his own8-), anyway left my place about 11:30 and was there in about 40 mins, accounting all the traffic and speed restrictions:D, although distance wont be more than 15 miles. Anyway, been there, did what we had to and then i realised, he was goin to pak on friday:$ well had a thought for a min and then as he asked we went to manchester together. The plan was to spent sometime together, help him in his packing and all and take him to airport on friday as well :$.

Well wasnt much to do there anyway, his bag was well short of his stuff, so booked another one on argos and was supposed to be picked up on friday morning. Stuff we did:

-Watch TV
-Listen to songs! the one i sent him over few months, it was in My Recieved Files :D probably the folder he never opens:D but just wanted to make sure he listen to them once.
-Had food and all dat.
-Took pictures on his Kodak digicam for the last time as he was going to keep it in pak.
-Saw and burnt all the old fotos in his pc of us, and then burnt them on a CD as he wanted to take them with him. ( He was goin home after 2 yrs )

Okay, its friday now. Went to city centre, with all the change we had in pockets, could only buy parking ticket for 1.5 hrs so all the things on list was to be done in that time or 60 pounds fine!! lol

Been to argos first, reserving things always save time! so wasnt that long, then off to bank and finally to 99p shop:D ( u can always find some usefull stuff there! ).

Back home, had burgers on way back:D, according to Az. it was the best burgers in town*-) anyway, did all the packing and stuff, last minute panic is always fun.

Now starts the crazy bit;

Went to airport, which was about 10 miles from his place, okay confusing airport roads ahead and me never bin to this airport on a car before:$. This is the convo:

Me: Konsay terminal say jana hai ?
Az: Don't know. Aik international kay liye hai dosra domestic k liye and third pata nahi.
Me: Third yakenan cargo hoga.
Az: Haan beshak PIA say ja reha hun but im sure woh mujhey cargo mai nahi daliengye.
Me: To bhai jaan konsa terminal hai yeh to pata chalay.
Az: I think 1st or 3rd hai .
Me:Okay no problem, 2nd to waise bhi peechay rehgya so lets try this one.

Went to the departure, terminal 1, clearly written: Welcome to the BMI(British Midlands) departure loungue. Okay wohi huwa jiska dar tha, he went in and asked which way to go, they said terminal 2, uff i had no idea how to get there now, sometimes roads are just so confusing:$ :$. I missed just one lane, and i was back on main motorway:'( uff took me extra 5 miles to get back on track and good we are now on terminal 2, yes thats the right one, women with extra makeup and lots of luggage , yup dats PIA passengers for sure! :P

I wanted to get home soon, so just left him off on departure bay and i was on me way home<:o), after about 5-8 mins on motorway( convert that in miles yourself) got txt, can you please txt be back 'royal travels' telephone no. :|:| OMG why he need them now? whats wrong? what happened? The thing i never did before, parked my car with hazard lights on emergency lane, and texted him back the number. As i was on motorway again, thought he must be in some trouble, i pulled off on a junction and went into a parking nearby, txted him whats wrong? no reply, suddenly i remeber he didnt had enuf credits. Tried to call him, it was going on voicemail. I stayed there for about 10 mins and decided to go back.

Well i was back to airport, met him. The worse thing happened, his seat was cancelled! for some very strange reason, he got his seat confirmed from pakistan and somebody cancelled it from here dont know how these people operate but he was in well worry. Called his uncle in pakistan, my calling card came handy at time(A) then tried to access some people there but no use, they all said now u have to wait for 'waiting list'. I was worried about stupid airport parking fee:$ and time was flying like nothin. Well he was waiting, so was i. We spent more than 3.5 hours on airport, my head was like, about to xplode as was kinda sleepless from last nite. Anyway, thankfully he was on board at last. Cruised my way home , which was about 55 miles from that place.
Now im writing this blog, with running nose, must be one of yesterdays effect! and well u lot got to read this before my new year eve blog which should follow this soon :)


At 7:40 pm, Blogger @kS said...

lol lol :D

nice post

At 7:25 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Lol! A friend in need is a friend indeed :) BTW, do you go all the way for all your friends? :O

At 3:36 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

lol HELL NO, even i didnt remember he was going on friday:D it just happened, but hope i did sumthing right...

At 8:15 pm, Anonymous hibah said...

good women w/ extra makeup and lots of luggage...definitely a sign of PIA :) hope u get well soon


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