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My Vision...

Okay i do accept all the material i have posted earlier wasn't my own but....

Its really sad to see these days muslims and specially muslims like me, who are Alahamdulillah, muslims by birth, don't really like to read their religious history. We believe what we believe in, 'bcoz thats what my dad told me so', 'dats how things are done in my family', 'thats what maulvi ji told me in the mosque'. Well thats true in my case as well, if not today, it used to be!

I first started studying or you can say looked into my religious believes when i was subjected to study of Philosophy in first year of my degree back in Lahore at University Of Lahore. I just admire my teacher of that time, i really can't remember his name now but he used to come in the lecture room and just start any sort of discussion. From the very first day he said we won't have any framed course structure of this module rather than we will have open discussions and most of the time we wont have answers to those questions but atleast its a brain exercise we all should go through.

Most of the students in our university called him Athiest, even called him Kafir sometimes. But don't know he always had logic in his words. We used to discuss creation of Universe, Morality and Ethics and most interestingly he used to stay away from religious discussions as religion is most of the time based on certain believes which cant be 'challenged'. Or in country like Pakistan, you could be hanged to death :P

But the most important thing i learnt from him was, DO ASK!. Do question things which are going around you, do question your believes ( which includes your religion ) and think logically. keep your mind open and you should always be prepared to defend your 'faith'.

And trully this made me THINK about what we all do. Those 4 months were revolutionary in life because i never thought like this before. He pointed out few things which i really used to think when i was young, like in school but never ever mentioned to anyone around, which was:" May be whole this religion stuff is made by one or few genious people who made an invisible entity, such as GOD who cannot be challenged? but they did it all in good faith?"

Yes, it is possible for people who dont believe in Allah, but whats to lose if i follow Islam? i really can't see anything wrong with it?

We all need a system to live in, a system where out rights are protected and where we dont have any chance to subdue our fellow human beings of their rights. We all know that we need a traffic lights on our roads to make the driving safe, why cant we be aware enough to stop on our own? because we CANT, we are human beings, we do have laws in which we all live, if you speed on road you get tickets, if you litter around you get tickets, if you dont repay your debts you get court orders, and we all follow that with calm and never argue with a police officer then why with religion?

These were the things i asked myself during that semester and did try to answer myself. But again this world is not made according to the laws of LOGIC or atleast human logic is still not mature enough to understand that. We learnt Stephen Hawkins, a great American Physisict and Philosopher who proved existence of God and disapproved existance of God in his other book, both based on Logic, which at the moment no one can challenge. So what we suppose to do? The very best answer science gives us is: Universe came into existence by a BIG BANG. But what was before that? so even the science of reasoning doesnt works beyond that, so to comfort myself, yes i do believe there is someone out there, Allah (SWT).

Now, based on this, when i assume that there is someone, who is the creator of this universe, which is now belief, i go towards my basic religion. If i can believe in that, why should'nt i believe in his Prophet Muhammad( S.A.W) and if i do, then whats stopping me from believing what he taught?

As a muslim i do believe in all what is said in Holy Book Quran. If there is order or hukm of 'Pardah, Niqaab, Veil, or Burqah' i do believe that there must be something good in it. But as i have logical perspective of my religion as well, and i see no reason why we should'nt have these things, they all make sense, atleast to me.

It is very natural for a men to see towards a women who is wearing a revealing dress, revealing here means, such a dress which shows the 'figure' of her body, and surely its a start of something we believe is immoral stuff to do. Yes you may ask, why a women should suffer because of this ill-habit of male genre?, Do you think its possible to cover eyes of a person? i dont think that to be very practical so only remedy is to make women such clothes which should not reveal themselve in such manner. And again didnt we see that in Quran, its been asked from men to lower ther gazes when they see a women? and dont tell me its un-practical dress to wear, please do abit of research and look into 'Womens role in Iran', they ain't allowed to leave there place without burqa but they do work in almost every aspect of life! ( I am not claiming its huge, we dont want that! but its quite significant as compared to other muslim countries)

And again, if i believe in Allah and his Messenger, why not to believe in his laws? Don't we all know that in Quran its mentioned that Husbands are protector of their wives? So, if you are a muslim you should believe in the fact that women are not suppose to earn for their families, its the mens job! they are naturally made stronger for this reason and women should stay home to look after the family, the family of his husband such as his ageing parents and her kids. I really cant see any reason why people wants to change it? whats wrong with it? its not depriving women of their right to work but its the case of different genders made for different reason! if all the women will go to work? what gonna happen to your parents? where should go? old homes? ask them about it, ask the people who lives in old homes, where they wanna stay? what gonna happen to your kids? just put them into caring homes/nursring homes? do you really think thats the best they deserve?

Again it comes to believes, if you believe whats said in Quran and Hadeeth, why you wana deviate from it? if you really want then just please dont follow westerns blindly, put a bit of thought in it first.

You talk about free society? free speech? equality of male, female? well okay, USA,UK, Europe has opened up there societies, living in england i do see old buildings such as schools where they mark entrances on the basis of gender classification but certainly thats not the case anymore which means they used to have some type of pardah earlier but well what they got out of new system? Far more cases of sexual harrasment than a century earlier? more killings? more rap cases? and all sort of crimes related to female harrasment on rise, is that what we want?

Okay may be, i have deviated a little from my original topic but i do want to discuss with people who think Islam is an old fashioned religion and it is not applicable in todays society, we need to change things? huh i really dont think so. Just give it a try on personal basis atleast and see what it does for you, surely there is a Hikma in all the words/orders/ahkaam of Allah (SWT) and it all ends on my believes. These are the believes based on limited logic and practical experiences.

For all you out there, specially my muslims fellows, Please do follow what you believe in! If you are muslim you have to accept whats in the holy book, yes you do have the right to question, but seek answers and do sort yourself out, because without that your belief in Islam is pointless.

Note: Everything i have said in this writting i based on my personal views, i am not here to change your views, dictate anyone or even affect your thoughts in anyway. It is just something personally i think how things should be:) .


At 2:42 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Tauqeer, did my blog in any way, shape, or form inspire you to write this post? :)

I used to think the same way as you do about women taking care of the family, but as far as I know (& I know little), it is the husband's responsibility in Islam to support his wife, but it is not the woman's responsibility to feed the children nor to look after the house. Umm... I'll not write more, you can read my views on my blog :)

Nice post!

At 2:19 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

Marium: Yes it may have? May be not, its just something i wish to say since long:)

You said you used to think same way as i do? May i know what made you change your views? and btw you are more than welcome to write anything you like to, in my post, anything seems significant to you:P
Anyway thanks;)

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At 12:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting... interesting indeed ;) nice post toqz

At 9:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to add for those who question pardah... You (women) have to set some limits to what kind of dress you wear, how much attractive it is (to men) and how much revealing it is. Some will think jeans t-shirts is the limit, for some shorts, some can go beyond that. The question is where does that limit come from, the society? Infect there are no limits in the modern society. Islam gives us the complete guide lines why can’t we accept those.

At 7:36 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Thank you for welcoming my opinions. My previous thoughts were shaped by my culture & surroundings. Some personal experiences, & exploring certain aspects of Islam & different cultures, led me to realize that people have exploited Islam to suppress certain groups of people, women in particular. It annoys me when people use Islam to support male dominance but are not half as enthusiastic about supporting an egalitarian society that Muhammad (sal Allahu alaihi wasallam) strived to develop on Madina, which is much more important than covering anyone's head!

At 3:51 am, Blogger @kS said...

dam it !!! man r u free these dayz !!! huh cant believe it..u postin too much these dayz :P... ll read tht laterz ;)


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