Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grad day

Ok a quick one from me coz loads to do!

Hmm... it was DE GR8 Day of my life! but had my sorrows tingling with me all the time which i'll discuss later.

Anyway as u all know i live in Bradford now and am car-less so it was a real hassle to plan a day!. And can you believe that there wasnt actually anyone to come with me on my ceremony? NO GUESTS!! isnt dat sad? ofcourse it is, after all those years i thought i made some friends around but look at them now, no one was willing, everybody had to do something:( , well i dont blame anyone im sure they must have more important things to do :)

Anyways, i commuted to Huddersfield with one of my mates on wednesday eve. Went to my old place where apparantly i do have some people who know me!, so the plan was to stay night at there place as i was supposed to be in the town hall for ceremony at exact 9:30am, believe me it is early!. Well it was the worst nights in my life, i was totally sleepless, dont know what was wrong with me? may be it was excitement? i dont really get that much excited anyway, or maybe it was because of the fever (sickness) im carryin through since last week? ( its too cold these days!!!), so as i woke up in the morning i hardly had couple of hours sleep but there was a day things to be done! so had shower and all that and i was ready in an hour and now what? the guy who was supposed to be goin with ( which i actually managed to convince once last night only) betrayed me on the spot! he was kind enough to drop me off to uni but said i'll catch you after the ceremony as supposedly he knew it gona be boring and apparantly he needed bit of more sleep and u can imagine what happened after that....

Well went to services building, got me self registered and all, where i got 2 guest tickets as well, i wanted to return it but thought should just keep it as a souvenir? so then i praded with all the other celebratin troops towards sports hall where gowin was takin place. I was feelin so lonely all alone coudnt find anyone from my own batch as well:S and what to do ? how to do? where to go? anyway managed to get myself there, had to find my registration number in long lists they had, i never knew i had to note down that reg. no. from the email gowing firm sent me:S wierdly some people had dat ( why i cant be dat clever?? :'( ), anyway after all that, i was already feelin bit proud:D wid that stupid hat which IS really hard to control as u dont want to it fall infront of everyone? and really oddly shaped gown u had to wear on the top of your suit was actually a good experience.

Atlast, i saw couple of my friends...actually one arabic and a chinese taking each other pictures while there way to town hall, which i fondly joined. Haaaan, i had a bag in my hand written "Awards" which was actually given at time of registration and was supposedly to be given to your guests as u have to be seated on the ground floor and you shoudnt be carryin anythin with you, but what was the point? where should i keep it? suddenly more worries captured my over boggled mind! thanks God, my chinese mate had few friends coming over so i gave that to him ( btw i knew there was'nt nythin imp in it, just a magazine or so:P ) so by 10:30 we were all in the hall seated at marked places. Everybody talkin about: hey u lookin great, congrats, what u doin these days? manage to get job? wow u got scholarship? bla bla suddenly anouncement came through:
please switch off your mobiles and handheld devices as the ceremony is about to start lol!

Well they had really beautiful, traditional way to do all those things, and that orchestra was just so awsome and finally ceremony started, had to clap for all of those non-engineers :P thankfuly that day only two schools were having there ceremony. and hey did i tell you is the chancellor of our uni? ITS THE GUY FROM STAR TREK!!! Patrick Stewart, as he is actually from Yorkshire, the county under which huddersfield come into so they made him chancellor i think last year:) and the best thing is he usually just comes to the very first ceremony of the season, i.e. the Grad ceremony week started on Monday and mine was actually the last one, on Thursday but there we go he was there and i got the chance to shake hand with him on the stage:D yes i have the pic ( i paid lot for that :S ) soon should get it scanned btw and will post it! but overall it was great.
After that we had a reception in university's refectory, just some light refreshments ( yes had vegetarian stuff :P ) and free DRINKS!!! ( obviously not interested:) except orange juice(A) ). so it was the time to take some pictures with old fellows and teachers u had good AND bad memories with so i did manage to take few although by that time my head was kinda exploding but still had to stick with the moment of day... so did manage to get few pics and btw not gona upload all of them as i messed up my gown in few of them and really dont wana show dat! and my stupid who was takin my pics never noticed that while we were there:S

Well, after that, me and my mate Doctor Saab, who actually bunked his lectures just for me went to town centre to have something proper to eat! and well obviously treat was on me :$ , so we headed to 'Kebabish Original' , okay now i wont into menu details here but food was good, i always enjoy that place. Then back to my old place, got changed and all, had bit of laugh/chitchat around with guys and it was time to go home! so had to take bus. The road i used to live is called: Bradford road, so got bus straight from that road to bradford city centre, it was freezin cold, i do reckon temperature wasnt more than 2 C, and u see what...Christmas lights in your town, there was such a cool show going around but my physical+mental situation didnt allow me to go anywhere else apart from that i was holding a really big bag with me, with all my stuff in it so headed straight to home, which is good 20 mins walk from city centre.

So here is the story, tried to explain in my best:P i will surely put some pictures soon and in 3 weeks time i'll get my ceremony DVD as well so might Stream it over the net for who are interested:P. Time to sleep now :)
gd nite!

P.S: Okay i managed to get few pics online, Click Here! and go to slide show.

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At 3:29 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Congratulations, well done!

At 9:16 pm, Blogger @kS said...

ufff !!! itna ziada likh diya ...itna parhoon kaisay :P

At 9:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

koi zabardasti hai kia?:P


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