Saturday, December 03, 2005


OKay, this time its Antenna assignment.

The first part was easy, just followed the example taught it lab session with few more calculations and thats it, your antenna for Metoer Packet Radio Service is done. All the 3D graphs with simulations are working fine and again i was so relaxed by 'achieving' this goal that i left the second part of assignment, a thing to do at end!

but well well, been helpin around other fellows in lab sessions with there designs, as so many of students in my class come from Pakistan with computer science background and they do struggle a bit with engineering aspects but still most of them are doing great, some of them better than me $

as for sure i didnt start my assignment till thursday this week. The task is to make 50 ohm antenna with 8 dBi minimum gain and 15 dBi F/B ratio and frequency for UHF Amateur Radio Service.
So, i started with my usual search engine i.e. but again whatever you try to search, all the figures come up are for: United States of America's standards. We aint suppose to work on them:S i wanted to know what frequency im suppose to work for UHF in UK or Europe after a long search, and going through some not-so-serious websites, i decided to make it 430-440 MHz.

Anyway, everyone in class is doing Yagi-Yuda antenna, the kind of antenna we all have seen, specially coming asian regions where Cable and satellite wasnt that in fashion, but i never realised such a simple thing would have name like this:s , yes you have guessed it right, it is named after its japenese inventor, a very typical TV Aerial, with 6 to 10 elements is called Yagi-Yuda antenna in technical terms. But, i wanted to make something else, was just trying to be different, as we suppose to be! in lectures we learn about atleast 7-8 kinds of antennas, so why yagi only?

Well well well, spent whole evening doing calculations for QUAD-LOOP antenna, which im sure none of my readers ( except Rf engineers, if any* ) have seen before, but it was looking very simple in my text book and calculations were also cheap, but as predicted it didnt work! I cant get the 50 ohm impedence in it! and im not sure how to use to matching circuit in NEC4WIN95, the software im using for simulations. So after all that hassle, i think i need to scrap that design.

Now, only yesterday, yes back to basics, go on try yagi-yuda...deadline date is 09/12/05, which isnt that far! did all the calculations as per lecture slides and simulated it...still...cant get the impedence right!!!:'( pata nahi kia hai isko:( haan aik aur baat, the actual simulations are for folded dipole which act as a feeder, but i cant make folded elements in this software!!! not my fault? guess wat:D rather than making it folded i tried making it rectangular, i can get wire connected on one side but my software doesnt like the wire on other side and just crashes! yani k yeh kia baat hui bhala, i spent so much time last night on this stupid thing and it still does the same! khair i got one new software from internet, its from US university, i have requested them to send me a trial license copy, which im sure they do, but hope i can get hold of it soon:)

P.S: Im writing this in hope if some out there could help me!!! :(


At 3:13 am, Blogger @kS said...

Antenna assignment!

lol lol !!
chalo good luck :)

At 6:58 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Good luck on your assignment. Take a break and start with a fresh mind, I'm sure you can solve the problem :)

At 7:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey toqz!! gudluck!!

At 1:40 am, Blogger hr said...

Tauqeer: Good luck...I might have been able to help you couple years ago when I was still in skool and had everything fresh in my mind :) I didn't know you were pursuing a masters in satellite comm...that's very cool!

At 3:06 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said... heading towards COOL...dekhlo mr @KS :P and btw hr baji, i will get in touch with you for more problematic discussions than this simple yagi-yuda antenna so tayar rehiyega! will test your school-learnt skills :P

At 5:53 am, Blogger Mariam said...

The name yagi-yuda sounds funny :)


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