Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Short and ....

Location: Manchester
Reason: Don't know.
Last weekend: Was in glasgow to see my lovely lil sis got married recently, and you too sher:P.

What im doing and what about last 3-4 months:
Okay as we all know, i went to Pakistan for sisters marriage and stuff and then hooked on a job for sometime as well, but few of might have noticed on my other blog that i got graduation ceremoney next week, and to be honest I wasn't really enjoying that job as well so decided to come back and stay for a sometime while I can look around for few more options. I must say it gives you more mental time to think and plan while you are here rather than in Pakistan for some reason you have so many things on your mind all the time or i am just lame i forget everything when im here :D

Nothing much to write about, just wasting my time. Helping out my mate with his website stuff, just getting things, packing and postage...don't know what he will do without me :P anyway, had good time in glasgow as usual...home made food with good home like feeling but very cold weather outside. Train journey was good, first time i travelled through that route...manchester, carlisle, to see bit of coast for sometime as well which is nice for uk :) .

Haan my way back from lahore to manchester i had a stay in abu dhabi for a day. It was a very nice trip in a sense that it reminded me of time we were in kuwait. Abu dhabi is very similar to Kuwait city in my opinion, same filipinos , indians and pakistanies roamin about with little arabics in their flashy cars, girls in there burqas chased by young arabic blokes and crowds of desi bachay in cyber cafes, it was like a flashback to me ...i really enjoyed my day :)

Baqi can't think of much at the moment, even i know i dint get my phrases right today laiken buss thats it so cyaaaaa


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