Monday, March 19, 2007

If u r a true desi then....

I was just checking my other gmail account today and found this email so thought why not put it on...thank u sherry;)
You use the dishwasher as a dish rack.
You never buy garbage bags at the supermarket, but use your saved grocery bags for it
You fight over who pays the dinner bill.
You majored in computer science, medicine or engineering.
You know no one who has majored in music.
At a dance party you stand on the side trying to look cool.
You always make long distance calls after 11 p.m.
You like the meat well done.
You have a box of tissues or a towel in your car.
You always own a Camry or accord.
You think 1$ is a good tip.
Your favourite brand name is "IRREGULAR".
A pungent odor of spices hits anyone who enters your house.
You call fluorescent lights "tube lights" and a flashlight "a torch".
You secure your baggage with a rope.
You get very upset when airlines refuse to accept your luggage which is just 80 lbs. over weight.
You ask your dad a simple question and he tells you a story of how he had to walk miles barefoot just to get to school.
You call an older person you've never met before "uncle".


At 9:43 pm, Blogger rahmanih said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:44 pm, Blogger Mariam said...

Heheh, true, true!
I must confess: last year I had to go to the store right before a hurricane to get a flash light & my mind blanked on what it's called! So I asked a store worker to help me find a "torch" & he asked me if I was going camping!

At 2:53 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

heheh @ camping.

And mariam stop using your sister's id for comments! its good that you confessed and deleted 8-)lol

At 10:36 pm, Blogger Mariam said...

Shuushhhhhh! You just undid what I had done by deleting zee first comment :|

Urdu muhawara: "Aadmi khata ka putla hai"


"Ghalatiyan to her koi kerta hai, isi liyay pencil ke peechay eraser laga hota hai" (Shafiq ur Rehman) :P

At 5:45 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

haha i liked that one

At 5:54 pm, Anonymous BlackRose said...

lmao at last two statements.. !!!


At 10:13 pm, Anonymous khawab said...

how r ya? long time no see kahan gayab ho.....
hey i moved to wrdpress long time ago i dont know if u know
here is ma link

aur hows life treating ya han i am getin late for jumma namaz
catch ya later

At 1:20 pm, Blogger Sher said...

Ufff Toq toq yaar, you should know that it is called a torch and not a flashlight. These Americans have mutated the real english language!


At 2:10 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

lol i know and this makes its more hilarious lol

At 6:57 am, Anonymous khawab said...

well com on 2nd one is not bought this big bag of small white garbage bag.... but i never used it hehehehehe....cuz it keeps on falling down where as grocery bags wrks well :P
u know we desiz r smart 8)

At 11:07 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

okay mr smart (khawab) now you have an idea of using these grocery bags, please dont start sellin it to ur gora neighbours! by just claimin you savin the planet *-) lol

At 1:14 am, Anonymous Blackrose said...

Look.... im gonna be a lil mean.. and say.. No.. not all desis' do this....

It is strictly the english asians and american asians..or desis' currently living in dubai. :)

p.s laughed at this post all over again.


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