Monday, January 19, 2009

Situation of Gaza and Arab rulers...

I did want to write about the situation in Gaza for some time now. Palestine is one of the topic most discussed for about few centuries now, but without going into the history, I wanted to share my views on the current political scenario of Middle East and the Palestine, not that I usually express my political opinion on this blog but well, what is it for anyway :).

Living in the Middle East, I wonder why people are criticizing the Arab leaders for not doing enough, whereas according to the usual Islamic belief, Muslims all over the globe are bind by the single Muslim brotherhood or Muslim Ummah and they are bound to help each other any circumstances. It is the Arab patriotism hysteria which started at the beginning of the 20th century, re-induced by infamous Lawrence of Arabia and later with the help of leaders like Gamal Abdel Nasser of the Egypt in 1960’s.

Egypt has been blamed blatantly in this current scenario, where it has helped Israel to keep a siege of the Gaza strip of the Palestine and starve the nation of the basic amenities such as Food, water, power etc. While keeping the common belief, if someone is really capable or is directly responsible for the resolution of the Palestinian conflict, it is the Arabs, than one should keep in mind the status of Arab rulers as well.

There is no democracy in any significant part of the Middle East or the Arab world, yet keeping aside rest of the Muslim world. United States is the official supporter of the State of Israel and all the Middle Eastern countries are American allies. One would wonder, why? Although they have one of the very precious natural resources, which can be used to deter the supporter of oppressing rule of Israel, but Alas, they look for the protection from them instead.

Since, almost all of the Middle Eastern countries with Oil Wealth are ruled by the absolute monarch rulers, who in reality do not have grass root support of their people, they seek refuge from the United States influence in the region, to keep them afloat their tyrannical rule. During the recent conflict of Gaza, there have been huge rallies and protests all around the Muslim world, yet not a single Muslim country took any measure in real terms to deter Israel from what they are doing. In simple words, they just cannot go against American will in any case, in order to protect their own throne.

It is a common understanding about the United States interests in the region, which is of course, a secure and steady supply of much needed crude oil or eventually fuel for the American economy. And for now, leaders of these Arab nations have once again shown the Great Spirit and expected loyalty of the Arab friendship with their western counterparts while shamelessly ignoring the plight of their Muslim brothers in Gaza.

Today, Kuwait is hosting an economic summit for the Gulf region and issue of Gaza conflict is widely expected to be discussed, although I do not see any real outcome of such meetings, except extra earnings for local hotels and closed roads adding misery to the local drivers.

How can a slave go against the master??



At 7:32 pm, Anonymous Yesterdaywazbetter said...


yeh i didnt read it :P
insallah i will on the weekend

At 8:18 pm, Blogger Wahhabi Backward Mullah said...

you argue that the Kings are in power by the help of the US. Hence, they do not want to rebel against the US ally because otherwise their "throne" will be in jeopardy. I have to disagree. Now lets say that democratic governments by some miracle come to the Arab countries. if I extrapolate from your argument, it would mean that such governments will not be allies of the US.
This is the most ridiculous thing. Democratic countries are as much puppets of the Master as any Kingdom. Look at Afghanistan. Look at Pakistan. Look everywhere.
Secondly, modern democracy is outside the fold of Islam. Caliphate is NOT democracy as defined by the US or any other modern nation. Hence, I oppose both kingship and western democracy.

At 12:09 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

Thank you all for stopping by.

Mullah, the argument was not against Caliphate, I purely believe that would be ultimate way to a successful Islamic government, yet a pure western style democracy is would be much better than we have in Arab world today.

I do not agree with your examples of Pakistan and Afghanistan...both are mock democracies.. we can go into long discussions on that, but lets settle it here.

Do visit back.


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