Wednesday, October 17, 2012

True richness is that of the spirit.

There is an old Arab saying which goes something like this: “True richness is that of the spirit.” When the spirit is poor, the rich can steal, the esteemed man lies, the religious person cheats, and the wealthy person who has everything lives miserably.

Taken from: Arab Times



At 12:48 pm, Blogger Minya said...

If it was twitter i' have love to retweet. :)

Hello tauqeer.. been long.. How have you been?

And you have SO many blogs.. i really dont know which ones to link to!

- Mysh

At 8:36 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

true indeed.:))

At 12:41 pm, Blogger Tauqeer said...

@Mysh: You can copy and make it your own tweet :D Thank you so much for dropping by.

@m3az: I really liked it myself.

At 9:10 pm, Blogger Sophi said...

agreed 100%

At 5:52 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

@Sophi: Thank you!

At 4:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats great. Regardless of how wealthy you are, if the spirit is squandorous you can never make it!

At 8:25 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

@cyriacus: That's true right? some wise words from people of past...

Thank you for commenting!


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