Saturday, April 14, 2007


It's not that I don't want to write anymore, neither I am less creative than before (as if i ever was:|) regardless of these useless arguments, I wonder what may be the reason behind my absent blogliness. I can certainly blame the weather, its easy pick though, from soothing temperatures of average 15-20C, I am in middle of a desert having minimum temperature of 30C, with no where to go apart from some over rated and expensive shopping malls or go out and eat. It feels like when you are not working, either you go out and eat or just stay home and watch B4U movies....

Yes, I still have lot of time to get accustomed with the environment and leisure ways around...and with all this not-so-pleasant eventualities for me, I still want to write, about the things I notice everyday commuting to work. It is hardly 15 mins drive from where we stay but thousand thoughts would capture you in just few moments of time, how ridiculous it may sound, but I want to write about the cars! yes you heard it; It is the variety of cars I watch cruising on Dubai roads everyday, designed-made-manufactured-assembled in all different parts of the world, but sold in Gulf. You will be amazed to see to American cars, along with Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, Malaysian! and Chinese cars! with not so different outlook. Okay there is no harm about it, but when you see no car less than 2.8L (2800 c.c.) engine, you suddenly feel foul about the environmental issues people raise in European countries. In the UK, taxes for bigger cars were about to increase such as to discourage the use of heavy producer of harmful gases, and all those car manufacturers advertise their products as environmental friendly and all those hybrid versions etc. Where as cars from same companies have huge engines in this part of the world. It makes me scared, as If these people are living in a different planet? are we not sharing the same environment, the same ozone layer to look after? If it is the case, then I would request all the environmental concerned Governments not to worry much, let people decide what to do,let these car giants please their customers, as the efforts on the other part of the globe won't make any difference as long as such vehicles are being sold aggressively over here.


At 2:59 am, Anonymous Mariam said...

I like the term "absent blogliness" :) Thank you for comparing & contrasting two different parts of the world!

At 1:16 am, Anonymous blackrose said...

cars? :| *goes to take a nap*


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