Monday, March 02, 2009

Hala Feb-2009 Kuwait

Had a good time during these holidays.

Kuwait celebrates its independence day on 25th February, when it got independence from United Kingdom in 1961. This day has been usual charm of celebrations since my early childhood, as the day was celebrated with much vibe and ceremonial way than anything.

Kuwait was brutishly invaded by Iraqi forces on 2nd August 1990 and was annexed as a province to Iraq by Saddam Hussain. It was later liberated by the coalition forces in 1991 which was completed on 26th February.

Hence, over here in Kuwait, 25-26 of February is a national holiday. During 1990's the days were not celebrated officially since the terror of Iraqi regime was much lingering in the social mentality as well as official mourning of POWs.

Anyway, coming back to the celebrations, people put large national flags outside their homes, office, they light colourful lights, fireworks but the most enjoying part is just going out on roads, getting stuck in traffic jam on Gulf road, which is a road alongside seashore of Salmiya in Kuwait, and spray each other's vehicles with for foam spray.

The teenagers gathers on both sides of the roads in the residential areas and shower incoming cars mercilessly with spray foam. I will not pass on a verdict on this activity as being good or bad, as I have never done this myself, yet being sprayed several times.

I have tried to capture few videos with my not-so-good mobile cam to share with you guys.

Please have a look and comment.



At 10:47 pm, Anonymous Meher said...

Wo Mir Taqi Mir ka sher yaad aa gaya, shayad lafz idhar udhar ho gayay hon:

"Dilli ka zikar jo tu nay kia aye Mir!
Ek teer mere seenay mein maara ke hayay hayay"

At 7:39 am, Blogger Tauqeer said...

lol, kia kia shair yaad ker rekhay hain! shukria for the comment btw.


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