Monday, November 14, 2005

Big day comin

17th November, Thursday, 2005!

Ahh, dont know where to start from, it was a long journey! I started my BE in 2000, the university was: The University of Lahore, 1-km Raiwind road, Lahore Pakistan :). It was supposedly 4 years program with 9 semesters of regular study and 3 summer semester for CISCO study.

My first year at uni was okay, never knew what i was getting into, particularly I enjoyed first Cisco semester, which in turn just boosted my passion of doin BE degree:P anyway things werent as going as smooth as it was expected neither from my own side nor from the university. The courses listed on course prospectus weren't offered, supposed labs never came into existance, and more over most of my friends transfered their credits to US universities and moved...and yes i tried as well :D but all those visa complications for no reason...but Alhamdullilah the alternative worked well for me and I came to UK for BEng in 2002.

I was quite scared at first because never thought of coming to alien country all alone ever, but was in such a situation at that time...had to share house with people i never knew before, cook for your self and people around you, do dishes and laundry and all that, find/do part time job, and study as well huff life was so hectic but its kinda gone now. Did okay in that year, made so many friends, learnt so much of Real Life ! anyway passed all the exams and everything and it was time to find work placement...

After sending atleast 60 CVs out did got one job, that was first achievement of the year or of my life if you wana say, dont know what happened but you know what, I actually cried once I was refused job which I was so sure to get, well longtime :). Anyway had really nice year of my life, it was quite a magnificent experience. Such a lovely people I worked with, very very helpful, just cant forget all that. Well it was september 2003 when finished my project at Standex Electronics (UK) Ltd, Tonbridge,Kent. Can you believe that, I never took my annual holidays that year, had to finish the project so wasnt much choice so coudnt go back home.

Started my last year late september, it was all very hard, back-to-school situation after a long 12 month holidays from university :P so took me a bit long time to get used to it. Anyway it was all fine, used to work part time at Tesco Supermarket on weekend and a day or two in university :P life was quite good till got final year project to do! and pata nahi, i didnt do well in it , thats the worst part of this 5 year long story, i was told that i could have done much better than that as during work placement my project was one of the best and most challenging amongst my class mates, but well passed my degree somehow, it was during June time i came to know that its all cleared and it was time to apply for jobs! Tried abit, not really hard dont know there was something i didnt like about england, or may be it was my own progress at uni which de-moralized me somehow, I went back home without applying for further studies or jobs on 1st August 2005. Just to see market situation in pakistan, which wasnt that healthy apparently, after few suggestions from friends and cousins waghera, decided to do Masters.

So after another wave of sending applications and waiting for responses here i am back to UK, sitting in my room, with 1C temperature outside, writing this blog.

My this course is from september 2005 to september 2006 with 2 taught semesters and summer semester entirely for project. These days we are into suggestions for final project, inshAllah i'll do much better than before ( i just have to :$ ) . The other problem is that havnt got any part time job at the moment which is adding to my worries... well hopefully things will be sorted soon.

Well well well, its graduation ceremony on coming thursday, 10 a.m sharp, Huddersfield Town hall is the venue with complemetry lunch at university refectory late. It would be nice to see all those people, huddersfield isnt far from here btw, just 10-12 miles from bradford anyway but im car-less now so will see what to do :). Still under consideration who should get the privilege to be my guest on ceremony day :P ( i got two tickets supposed for my family:'( ) so will see, and will try my best to post pictures once taken :)

Wish me good luck!


At 4:35 am, Blogger Mariam said...

Awwww, you cried! You're a daring Paki guy to confess that :) 1C?? How do you survive?

Congratulations on your graduation! Good luck with your project & job-search.

At 2:27 am, Blogger @kS said...

chalo koi ni.. aisa bhi hota hai :)


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