Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update, Movies, Kuwait trip ...

It is really bright outside and I’m standing at the signal. I wanted to write my blog for sometime now but yes again short of time. I have even promised you people to write about my Kuwait trip soon, so here it comes all.

-3 weeks back went for Spiderman 3. In my opinion, it was a good movie. Haven’t read any reviews or anything but I believe it was bit different than usual Hollywood movies.

-1.5 weeks back went to Pirates of Caribbean? Good entertainment but not much impression I believe. Added to that, I never seen earlier parts of this movie hence making very less contact with the story. The only part I liked was the end war between two ships.

-Last night went for Shootout at Lokhanwala, not a typical Hindi movie. With all big names, I didn’t like the movie once again. It was a story of Mumbai police special branch against some newly formed criminal gang. Unfortunately, something happens in our countries everyday, it showed unlawful killing of accused outside the court by the authorities, people who doesn’t have any more confident in the courts etc etc. Well I think there are quite a few movies already out with similar topic, hence nothing special in this one.

-Kuwait trip

Why I went?

I think nobody asked this.

For how long?

Went on Wednesday night, reached the place at 1 midnight and came back on Tuesday 12ish. Well yeah right I know I missed my Monday flight, but well it can happen to anyone right?! This was the first time it ever happened to me, but well thanks to my boss and I didn’t get into much trouble, you know why? Because even he also missed that flight:D we were traveling together lol.

You people might be waiting for some interesting stories, and places I been around but believe me nothing like that happened. You guys should know me by now:P. 80% of the time I spent at home, it was after 5 years I went to my ‘home town’, obviously the feel was there. And after hectic time at work in Dubai, I was really looking for some lazy time, which I utilized fully I believe. Met dad, which was great, had ‘gher ka khana’ after long! Awesome, ‘chachi’ made all the good food or at least things she knew I used to like. Gulab jamun, ras malayi, fatayer, etc etc: P

Just went to city for couple of times with dad, even went to my company’s office in city. The only memorable trip in Kuwait would be visit to Fahaheel. So many things have changed, all the free space I used to see while commuting to school in a bus was occupied but by plush new villas and buildings. Congestion on roads has certainly increased but yet nothing like dubai!. Fahaheel city center has changed a lot, no more old buildings with traditional shops, its full of mega malls and branded stuff. The lovely traditional fish market has gone as well. But yet again, I do not see huge difference, this much one can anticipate anyway but certainly it brought back so many memories. The places we used to go together as a family, we siblings used to play, mosques I used to go to pray, relatives used to meet every week. Nothing is like that anymore, strange folding of life, I live all alone now, with very few people I can talk with. Not that I really used to share with anyone ever before but the feeling one has with the family is different!. I am almost to my destination now, there is as usual traffic on Shiek Zaeed road and I can see Mall of Emirates in front of me now, but a memory this writing has brought back was something I was trying to hide from. I’ll probably end now; will post it when I get chance to.

Sorry guys not many pictures or anything from Kuwait; sorry to disappoint you but this was all I had J

Date: 07-07-07

Time: 1:39 p.m.


At 4:43 pm, Blogger BlackRose said...

Hmm.. interesting.

Well ...movies... i havent seen spiderman 3... and i really wanna watch pirates of caribean 3.. i have watched the last two.. and i can tell u.. the movie isnt complete unless u have seen the last 2!.. its brilliant and im looking forward to seein this.. No doubt it will be just as good as last two..

That hindi movie sounds like a bore o_O.


Yaani kai.. u got spoilt rotten by chachi! poor woman.. :p

Sounds like u had a layed back time there and enjoyed ur time.

Goodstuff.. :)


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