Wednesday, September 28, 2005

room c0.12

ok here i am, in a small computer lab with about 15 computers all arranged with 4 sides of this room which is know as 'computer clusters'. Don't know there is a strange feeling about this university i.e. Bradford university which is far different ( and abit old fashioned) than my old university which was Huddersfield university. Anyway i have pretty much nothing to do at the as i dont have keys to my flat at the moment so no point of going 'home' now.

Wahan bhi aik alag story hai, actually im sharing my 3 bedroom flat with one of my old mate, imy. He arranged this accomodation prior to my arrival in UK but we both moved to this place last saturday, me from huddersfield and he was in blackburn with his family. But that stupid letting agent let us down, pata nahi meray saath hi aisa kion hota hai :S well all the paint job is done and flooring as well but there was a big mess in the house, and bathroom still need work. buss so since that day we struggling to get all the things done, kitchen bhi properly use nahi horeha and all my stuff is mess at the moment. So i have just given my keys to letting agent and hope some more of the things should be done by the evening, atleast my cupboard:S.

aur to aur aaj subah subah uthna para coz had lecture at 9:00 and haan forgot to tell ya that my place is about 28 mins walk from university:S so one needs to have good breakfast and all dat :P so woke up at 7:30(ish) laiken phir huwa kia, went to Richmond building, room was H.33, supposedly 6th floor and lifts are mess as well coz some works are going on so only 2 lifts are working:S so just had to take stairs or u'll miss the lecture waiting for ur turn...

sub k sub thakey haarey lecture hall puhnchay...20 min bethay rehay but no one showed up, supposedly there wasnt ny lecture on first week:S so buss im here in libray doing nothin much,

lets hope this course goes well .

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

it was fun though...