Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cool time in Hot day...

Ji to baat kuch youn hai kay; we had kinda party today. Was`nt planned or anything, buss kafi dino se kuch different nahi hua tha so...

Well nahi actually, we were invited for a treat today at some place but it was cancelled due to kuch stupid reasons so khair.

Hua kuch youn k AKS bhai hamarey haan aye after his gym session or watever aur sawalia nazroun se meri terf dekha, maine kuch pochey bina kehdia k haan party cancel hochuki hai!!!... so maine offer kerdi kion na aaj khud biryani party hojaye? btw aks, shah sahib and somro bhai lives next door and achay dost hain meray.

Anyway me and my flat mate, doctor sahib alongwith next door buddies went for Maghrib prayer aur uske baad subko dawat-e-aam di gyee. Sub bahanay bana ker chal diye. Me and dr. kitchen mai aaye and started the cooking stuff... well ab tarkeeb nahi likhni maine coz basically its the same recipe written on shan masala dabba:P, abhi buss chaawal boil kernay hi laga tha k khyal aaya k time for isha now...

So again back to Masjid. phir sub ko akhata kerke laiker aaya and hmmm buss computer per songs start. My 5.1 speaker system was running on there dance beats i suppose k sub nay uchalna koodna start kerdia, i went to kitchen again, aur kuch kaam shaam kiye to kisi ne ENGRAIZI songs start kerdiye huff sub mood kharab sa kerdia lol. anyway kabhi koi kitchen mai areha tha aur kabhi koi, i know official dinner time was gone since ages but still yaar im no expert but Alhamdullilah it was all good.

Had lunch in our common room, usually called bari screen [ big screen ] coz got 24" TV in there :D and me got just my 14" tiny winy tele in my room...aur buss phir jokes start hogye, sub types kay joke sub terf se aarehay thaye,,,enjoyed alot. About 1.30 am subhi tired hochukay thaye, so maine bhi darkhawast [request] ki kay plz chaley jao ab, meray house mates tang horehay hain...[joke*] so aakhir kar sub bhaag gye.

Anyway had a real nice day, although me got hayfever these days, but icecream in the town, outside the library in bright sun and late night biryani party was good and all you ppl out there, u missed it kasam se:P

ok its late here now


P.S: some friends wanted me to write blog on my result day but well all i would say is k i have my passed my degree by grace of Allah Almighty :)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fun Day!

Well i am still thinking why I called this blog a FUN DAY, but haan it was suppose to be shaed.

Yes after intense pressure on some mates, and overcoming the self-imposed duties of Mr.F, we were finally on cricket pitch today. Everyone seem to be excited but not so enthusiastic for some reason:S

Anyway, we were just 5 today, so teams had to be odd. Me and Mr.A aka AKS were the obvious team here. ALAS, a winning combination for first two matches, but then...pata nahi kiski nazar lag gyi [ medically ran out of energy:D ] well yeah lost 3 matches straight away....Series lost :(

then was forced to change my team, THEY think it wasn't balanced khair I lost that series again....reasons beyond comprehension so dont mind getting in details.

It was 6:30 in the eve* by then, all tired and exhausted, suddenly AKS goes: Hey tauqeer bhai, pool khelna hai phir? i said: why not and lol Shah sahib was looking at our face as i was looking more stubborn then ever. Anyway it was decided to have pool game after AKS gets away from his gym thing. As usual i was late...(shush just 20 mins), reachin university sports hall about 9:20 pm. We were supposed to go pool house behind main library but somebody told Mr Aks sum money saving techniques so rather we went to student union hall. Those stupid gorian took so long to finish there game, dont know why girls involve themselves in things they cant do! anyway finally i was on pool table huh thinkin to role over Mr Aks in one go...laiken aisa nahi huaaaaaa:'( won 1st game from him , but lost three. Then there was last game with Mr Aks friend ( sorry cant remember his name), let me tell you, he was kinda professional:D but haan haan i won:D so that makes my day, A FUN DAY

its about 2 am now, should sleep yes but i wont wont to, got night shift 2moro so better stay awake till i can


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

okay, im alone ( literally). :S

well to be honest, im damn bored at the mo. all alone in alien country, wild city. no one home , this manchester is not so me liky :(

Both of my mates* left me early morning today, haan haan they had work but what was the point of keepin me home then. Anyway, we went to movie yesterday. It was Mr.Azeem's idea of watchin horror movie ( i do kinda regret now ), i think* movie was HOUSE OF WAX, my eyes was closed most of the time (shushhhh) :$, but well haan i didnt pay for the ticket so no harm done in real terms:D

well this morning i was really pissed off* , msn friends will notice change in my nick ( sumthing strange nahi?), anyway dont know, i do hate 2 faced** people! and it feels bad when you get to know them, well may be everyone is like that, including me. ummmmmmmmmm choro yaar :)

next time a good blog!!! i promise you all :)
gd luck me