Friday, February 24, 2006

March comin...

i know its bin a while i wrote my blog, i do think about writing almost everyday but then just gets into other non-essential stuff:)

and yeah about that title, its march comin and still no sign of spring! on the other hand its getting cold again! we had few snow showers yesterday, oh weather was soooo nice last week na and we player cricket on sunday after a long while, it was good experience as well but the after-match tiredness killed me whole week! and well well well planned cricket this sunday but lets see if weather permits..

mmm Az comin over tommorow, so should be fun, well fun? i don't know, may i had too much fun in last few months so i don't really look forward to it much these days, or its my job worries getting into my head or my desire to do uni work soon but physically unable to do for some unknown reasons ( i know its called laziness:$ ) but well lets see how things work out.

Things to do : Need to submit abstract of a technical paper need to be handed in by week after next AND i still dont know what it gona be on!
A1 poster needs to be made and submitted electronically by 8th march and then presentation on 15th of my PGDIp project which i havnt touched much at all! dunno what gona do:'( :'( :'(
and ofcourse need to do something about PGDip final report as well, as things getting bit tight now, soon will get 50% assignment for Terminal technologies, and ofcourse need to concentrate of modules as well because this semester its not all easy, hittin hard day by day, more theory, more mathematical equations! sometimes i wish i was born bit early so wouldnt have to learn all these technologies:$ they start with simple stuff,..the UNDERSTANDABLE stuff but at the end of lecture so many different technologies, some standardized some not, but well ofcourse we need to know about all of them :(

Other thing i got my old pc runnin back:) ebay zindabad:P always source components from there so im runnin on better system then i had for backup btw which was up since 3 months now and my flatmates never saw the actual closed desktop on my table:D

well i'll try to put some thought this weekend for next blog, wish u all good luck!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Kuch log...

Kuch log? akser log? shaed buht say log? shaed hum sub? nahi hum sub to nahi shaed laiken buht say....iska kuch hosakta hai ? haan shaed ...shaed nahi bhi? change honay ka maksad..matlab? depends on the person ( and circumstances ) anyway :)

Raja Gidh again:

"Kuch loog buht 'puthi' mat kay hotey hain, pehlay titli per martey hain, ussey pakarnay kay jatan kertay hain, jab pakr letay hain to ussey shehad ki makhi bananay per tull jatey hain."

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blog image...

okay if thats the trend these days, my blog pic is :

Monday, February 13, 2006

Stock markets...

Indian Stock Exchange Hits Historic High

Bombay stock exchange: Sensex at new closing peak of 10,173.25

Pak stock exchange makes history!

Karachi stock exchange: KSE index crosses 11,000 level

Don't know when i gona learn all this stock market indexes, but from the look of it, i hope something is goin good back home;)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Halal and Haram as per 'Raja Gidh'

Pretty strange and interesting theory, probably nothing to do with the Islam but for sure these things have far impact on muslim life and i do believe there is nothing in Islam for no reason.

Note: The image has been taken from Book called: Raja Gidh published by, page#196 for Non-Commercial usage only.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

OIC, Arab League Seek UN Resolution on Cartoons

The Muslim world’s two main political bodies, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League, said yesterday they were seeking a UN resolution, backed by possible sanctions, to protect religions. This follows the outcry caused by publication in Scandinavia of cartoons denigrating Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the 57-member OIC told reporters in Cairo that the OIC would “ask the UN General Assembly to pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs.”

Ahmad Ben Helli, assistant secretary-general of the Arab League, confirmed that contacts were under way for such a proposal to be made to the United Nations.

“Consultations are currently taking place at the highest level between Arab countries and the OIC in order to ask the UN to adopt a binding resolution banning contempt for religious beliefs and providing for sanctions to be imposed on contravening countries or institutions,” he said.

Twelve cartoons defiling the Prophet, published in Denmark’s Jyllands-Posten newspaper last September and reprinted in a Norwegian magazine earlier this month, caused uproar in the Muslim world where any image of the Prophet is considered blasphemous.


Atlast they doing something about it in a proper way. Statement from "Achor" at the end of above mentioned article (full version) amused me alot:P