Thursday, May 17, 2012

Common Birthdays

Oh my I never knew I was that 'common'. :P


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Body and soul

Let us suppose a situation. You are in a controlled environment, and given a platter full of delicious and visibly appealing food. You are told that although this food will tame your desire and get rid of your hunger, but it will not provide any nourishment to your body. But there is a good chance that if you wait for an hour or two, you will be provided with a food which will be appetizing as well we beneficial for you. 

In this case what will you do?

I want to relate this situation to our current life and hereafter. Today we are more concerned about the life we are to spend in this world, to fulfil our worldly and bodily desires, whereas we ignore the actual requirements of our soul, which will be the only thing we will take to life after. To me, only caring for today's life is similar to the the first platter offered, which only takes care of certain desires whereas by waiting for the second offer would eventually take care of desires as well as our requirements.

One needs to figure out how to get a best deal for your body as well as your soul. Body will be buried but soul will prevail. Our we that short sighted?