Friday, October 28, 2005

blessed month ending soon...

I have been bad, really bad as compared to couple of last few months, i couldnt pray 5 times whole this month, no particular reason but i feel bad, specially when this blessed month is goin soon, May Allah help me with my condition ...

So well Eid coming soon, it could be on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, depending on what mosques decide and what plans i got, after all it all depends on your comfort when you wanna do it, which is kinda ridiculous but thats how it works in britian...

Was just thinking how excited we ( me and my siblings...) used to be during the last 10 days of ramadan as usually roza time decreases and eid time coming soon, nothing of such excitements remain, may be coz im living all alone now and havnt got anything much planned for Eid anyway so khair..

whatelse, yeah a full week free of lectures, woohoo! actually its a reading week coming up, designed for students to catchup on there lessons and everything but dont know i have strange feeling of holidays:D ( may be mixed reaction coz of ramadan endin,, Eid and hectic uni schedule earlier )

well lets see what comes up next week :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Got DSL at home!! yuppy<:o)

Finally we got connected to the world again! and guess what i dont have to go to uni daily and stay late anymore(A)

well im just back frm uni now after havin 1 hr lecture and gona sleep again as it was ruined by internet guy knocking our door 8:30 in the morning!


Sunday, October 09, 2005

Welcome reception At The National Museum Photography, Film and Television

wasnt good in any sense!

well i must say that i live in BRADFORD , sooooo most of the students in my class are muslims/desi origin hence there wasnt many people as expected in that reception!! and well well well it was all about "drinks" and having a "good time" with fellow students and staff...wasnt of much use really.

There was some nice old old kodak cameras for display and apparently they gave photo cameras for free in 1950-1960s ( i wish i was alive that time :$ and in UK lol ), well nothing of much interest apart from that. and haaan i saw some old 3D cameras from late 70s or 80s sometime. Its amazing such a useful thing with three lenses and such a sharp picture wasnt a commercial success. I'll try to get a hold on one of them sometime in my life...only if photo film processing is still available for them:S

anyway other interesting thing was k Mai Bach Gaya! haan haan huwa kuch youn k i picked up an orange juice(apparently) and buss phir maine aise hi steward say pooch lia k isit just orange juice na? he goes no...its mixed with a fine liqour of somekind and i was like : just asked him to give me 'saada orange juice lol' and buss broke my roza with that and had some tuna sandwitches later aur buss :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

boring time..

room: C01.05
Time left for aftar: 2hrs exact.
Mental condition: Tired
Physical Condition: Exausted
Things to do: Alot.
Things to cheer about: Welcome reception At The National Museum Photography, Film and Television (,
Time: 18:00
Things not so cheerful: Im fasting and they got buffet & refereshments as well::

Somebody said exausted? No its not the word!!! I mean...what can you expect from me, 6 hrs sleep last nite (coz of sehri, namaz and everything) then first lecture at 9:00 which was :O :O Satellite communications,,,,and that guy is just...ahem ahem....kinda scientist wateva...

then at 1:00 Signals and systems,,,stupid boring theory which i did in undergrad 4 yrs back!
then at 3pm another boring lecture...Digital Signal processing( DSP ) which isnt dat boring but after all that its wasnt that interesting any more...
and now here i am in library checking emails and stuff and im not GOING HOME coz need to attend that reception just to get in touch with all the staff and probably discuss some project ideas with them

pata nahi mera kia banay ga...things look bit difficult in terms of time managment well lets hope for the best, me off to Asr prayer.