Saturday, December 22, 2007

~ Eid Mubarak ~

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Expedition Dune, Dubai uncovered. Part 2/2

So it was the time we headed towards the beach. It was somewhere located near Jebel Ali Free Port. Jebel Ali port is fairly at distance from Dubai city center but it was fun when back to back cars were racing towards the beach.

Well again the place was not very accessible by ordinary cars, only a 4x4 would cross that sand to get you at that place. Surprisingly, so far from the city but it was full and busy. One could see many 'westerners' camping and enjoying Dubai weather along with families having day out of busy routine.

We parked our vehicles at the start of the stretch only, fearing of losing that vacant place as well. The first task was to setup the tent. It was my first experience but an exciting one. I would reckon only two people were enough to set up that tiny tent but everyone wanted to play their part (which is a good thing I guess?).

The tent setup activity.

Home sweet home...for a short while;)

And then it was time to eat!, I hate BBQ only because it takes ridiculous time to properly cook your food and if you don't spend enough time, you'll be puking all your way back home ( sorry I know its rude but ... ).

Look at that yummy chicken and lol at surgical gloves.

A. enjoying first phase of his meal.

After having a stroll at the beach, enjoying the lovely sea breeze, we did wet our pants as well (not in a way you thinking^o) ).

Finally it was packing time.

Again if you don't see me if coz im behind the camera:$

The tent squeezing process ;)

It was finally time to go home. I really had a bad headache due to lack of sleep but the memories of the day swept away all the pain.

Thanks to my lovely old friend: A.S.