Thursday, September 28, 2006

Got a job

Okay i got a proper job now, and it is in Lahore (Pakistan) and it is something I would like to do, well atleast if i'm in Pakistan.

Why i am not very excited about it ?
Why i am not able to answer people when they ask if i will be going back? either the same day I booked my ticket for or later or watever...
Decision time is always hard atleast with me it is from a very long time. When i was coming here i had a mind set that if i get a proper job with atleast this much salary I would stay there and bla bla and now when i got one but not so sure about the salary but uncertain about it *-) This is not what i show or even want to think about it but thats the case indeed.
So lets see what happens.... there are so many factors one needs to think about before making any future plans or decisions and may Allah guide me whats best for me :)

Wishing a blessed ramadan to all of you btw.