Wednesday, March 12, 2008

karachi beggers...

Oh this is so wrong, i got this video from this blog but i can't resist..this HAS to be in my blog!!!!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Nothing much ..

It has been sometime since I have written a blog entry. I have been constantly reminded by my friends but today when I clicked my link to put this banner, I came to see the life indeed post, which is surely there for sometime, and may be I should have some other post on now, which won't remind me of that tragedy for a while.

As you all must have guessed, there is no particular topic for this post neither I decide to put anything in advance. I will try to jot down few things happening in my life. There is nothing much, still stuck at same old job, no luck with anything new yet or anything better in here... So at the moment, my life is all about finding a job, career prospects, skill learning, earning money, but again who doesn’t?. Though it has taken a toll on me in a sense that I have created an emotional gap which means, the role of relationship, in shape of friends, colleagues, family is ever fading in recent life and this is for sure not a very good sign, especially for a person like me, who has always relied on support of such peers to develop/establish my current status, in terms of emotions or education or the career. The whole system seems to be inched away from me kept me ever wondering, how my sane behaviour is still populous.

What I am doing other than job these days? ... Well to keep myself busy, I have been playing Counter Strike, a multi-player game, where you have to shoot your opponent out. Most of the people I know have played it way back but I would be honest in saying no, I did not and there is no harm in playing old computer games I believe and at that time I was hooked on Unreal Tournament, a very similar game to this one.

I am also doing some Cisco Networking e-books, just to sharpen up my Networking skills, which might be helpful in finding a new job/career but again hell lot of determination is required to study any particular subject these days, with current state of mind.

I have also been reading this book called ' Loh o Qalam; A guide by Khawaja Shamsuddin Azeemi'. I got it off from some forum on the Internet where it was placed under philosophy section. The book consists of 40 chapters in all, and so far I have only managed to read first chapter of it. The book discusses two main topics, Presented Knowledge and the Acquired Knowledge. The whole process is to stimulate one's sub conscious mind and to have better understanding of human mind. I hope to write in detail about the book, only if I am ever able to do so...

Rest there is nothing much, just the laziness after a day off.