Saturday, June 17, 2006

Exams over

Q.So how was it?

A. Was okay , studied hard (in a way) spent most of the time at friends place to revise. Four of us was together but all got own strategies and goals, so used to study own notes and then compare with each other at the end of day. Was really fun,never had this kinda time ever before, or may be i wasnt serious in studies anyway? lol dont know so one might think exams must be excellent then, thats not the case really, stupid AUT strike eventually hit us, exam papers were definitely not set by our teachers, not all of them atleast. So most of them were quite unpredictable, uff in Internet and Mobile communications, he asked a full question to draw stupid routines in RADIUS??? who would know that? and why one should memorize all that :( well was quite upset because of these stupid hapening.

Q.How did digital communications go?

A. The one with least preparation was the best exam indeed. The reason was the way he made the exam questions. Obviously i did studied important stuff and just a glance to rest of the course which really hepled. and wow now i know how to calculate power levels from constilation diagrams:D , BPSK QPSK, GMSK etc etc etc are not jargon anymore yuppy, so the module which started was quite dissappointing lectures was good at the end.

Q. How was communications transmitter and recievers exam?

A. Dont ask please.

Q. What you doin these days?

A. Hmm good question, just writing PGDip project report named: Technical evaluation of DS-UWB, and it got no technical details btw :D. Needs to be done and binded and submitted by 19th monday, and still i got about 1800 words and i need to make it upto 3000+. Lets see how well it goes, at the moment im googling quite a lot of things most importantly, interference effects of UWB on cellular mobile systems but cant seem to get enough information. And i dont really want "extract" any more information from the two books i got otherwise i'll be booked by plagarism software for sure :D

Q.So whats after that?

A. Job hunt again as i left my job before exams. They werent ready to let me off for 3 weeks and i HAD to. So again same struggle starts, hopefuly will get back to same job but lets see. Exciting time ahead, mum wants me to come home early though i got MSc project to complete by september and the worries of after are already on mind.

Q. What you thinking after degree then?

A. Not decided, well yet depends on options/choices/opportunities. So lets see

Okay me back to report writing, wish me luck!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


uff such a horrible movie, dont know whats wrong with these people, how can you make such a movie??? what was story writer thinking when he wrote it or should say what was director thinking when he made this movie! khair the reason for this post is just the one, yes only one dialogue or actually a shair i liked in this movie was:

Meray hi hathoun mai likhi hai taqdeer meri,
Aur meri hi taqdeer mai mera bus nahi chalta.

Acha hai meray khyal say to aur kafi sach bhi hai :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

june, isnt is suppose to be summer ?

This used to be a holiday season, atleast for last 15 years, but well here i am, half way through exams, still two to go! and both are percieved horrible, Digital communications and Radio transmitter and recievers. The first two exams were suppose to be easy ones yet they proved quite challenging, well im setting off to my friends place to get start revising now for tuesday, group study is very helpful in my opinion, i only found out that this year! but got 3.5 miles walk to his place so half day will be gone just to get my breath back laiken dekhtay hain :)