Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life is Indeed unpredictable.

Yesterday was sad day indeed. I lost someone I admired a lot. One of my "online" friend died in a horrific accident in North of Pakistan. She was one of the sweetest person I ever knew. She used to call me "bro" and we used to discuss whole lot of topics which includes personal relationships and political scenario in Pakistan.

She was bio-med student in Islamabad belonging to Swat valley in north of Pakistan as an origin. The girl had so many dreams, ambitions, she was very different to normal girls one comes across, with full of doing-something-attitude. She was happily engaged since few good months now and was planning to get married later this year. She had scholarship offers from high ranking American universities, I remember the day she was so excited when she passed her IELTS (English language test) with real good band.

I don't know how to express this, what to say, and how to write but I just wanted to. The worst thing is, its almost two weeks now when she was shot dead by Pak-army as she was going home after finishing her last semester but unfortunately she entered the area during curfew time. I don't know exact details what happened and how, but may be thats not important as well. I have lost someone, some person I knew, though last year we did plan to see each other but for some reason we couldn't and all I know is, she is not going to see his "prince charming" thats what she used to call her fiancé and neither we be able to meet. Such a tragedy for her family, death at this age is pure horrific.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Down the memory lane ..

I want these days back, when we all used to sit and watch Indian movies on our VHS player with these adverts...

And the time we used to visit Pakistan...the all happy happy summer vacations when you used to nothing but play whole day ...