Monday, July 31, 2006


Okay, now don't say how I end up in that but true we all do things we not sure we must:P Anyway, I wanted to write something about different kind of people you come across in these chatrooms, 90% of them have no real life in any sense at all, they are completely surrounded by self created artificial community of people who they rely for almost all the humane requirements( including emotional but excluding financial).

They are intensely involved with the 'textual characters' of the chatrooms, even they can get upset if some OP/Host of a room gives a ban of 24hrs for a reason or not. I have nothing against it, but keeping in a view that there is a life outside the box!, one can utilize such a way to keep in touch with friends, with people of different cultures, have some fun time and that's about it, just because the limitations of the medium i.e. chatrooms cannot provide all that experience of real life, which contributes hugely to the development of a healthy personality. Most of them are so called heart-broken, depressed, wanting to speak but not to change, in general wierdos of the society ( I did not really wanted to use the term but I hope you know what I mean...).

Why I am writing this ?, because a very amusing incident occurred to me yesterday in a chatroom where I am the part-time HOST, which means I can kick/ban the people because of what ever reason I believe I should, anyway, there was a guy who said SALAAM in a weird way, I kicked him and asked him to say it properly or either don't say it, he repeated couple of times with the same response from me. Then he spoke to the actual owner of the chatroom about it saying: 'Mujhey iske gher ka pata batao, mai isko gher say uthwa lounga, yeh apnay aapko samajhta kia hai'; "Tell me his place, I can get him kidnapped, what does he think about himself", LOL LOL and I was like in tears laughing, how can people take it so seriously?. Remember chatrooms are for fun?:P:P . Please! its just a chatroom, or again typical have nothing to do else then trying to bully people on the internet?:D what ever he was, he made me to write this blog now and was my fun guy of the day :) cheers bro:P

Oh btw a screen shot of the room where all this incident took place:D

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

IAF F16 ?

From this video from lebanese television, its hard to say what was the thing in flares coming right down to ground, it doesn't look like F16 to me atleast.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Passed !

Yes its exams we are talking about, I have passed my exams! yuppy, shocked? Some of you must be thinking how sad I am to get excited about just getting passed? LOL well amazingly I did really good, not many people managed to get through. From strength of about 50-60 people only 25 people passed or I should say are eligible for the MSc project.

Haan ji I got B ! and I hold Post Graduate Diploma in Personal, Mobile and Satellite communications now :D, just starting my MSc project now and inshAllah should be done by end of Sept. this year.

It was this Monday when I got call from my class mate O, while I was wandering in local morrison's store. At first it felt like my heart beat almost stopped. I forgot what I was there for and started running towards university. Was happy that he got passed but he said not many of the students did and he didn't knew about me because he was at work and someone else told him about his. Just after 15 mins while I was on my way got his call again, this time it was really scary because I just wondered what he wants to tell me now!!! Well to some relief, he said someone told him that he saw LATIF as well on the list, though it wasn't satisfactory enough because the person we were talking about even didn't know my full name.

Well yes my name was on the list, which was really confusing! with so many different variants :| my name was under list which said: These candidates have been awarded PGDip in PMSC and they may undertake MSc project dissertation in a view to obtain MSc degree, was something like that. It took me about 10 mins to actually realise that yes I was through without a hitch:D .

Its sad that so many people couldn't, especially people who I knew. Just reminds when we all started last September, most of the students recently arrived from Pakistan, with a very unique view of their would-be life in Britain and future after the degree and it is just unfortunate that after spending so much money of their parents (some of them were even on loans) they couldn't managed to adapt into local situation, the way teachers teach, the way people behave and obviously the British weather. So much to complain, so little to enjoy and worries of part time jobs. I wont be saying anymore on that as I could have been with them right now, but Alhamdullilah I am not, all it is that I fell really bad for them. Some of them were my really good friends and now I am too scared to know their plans....

Anyway, starting my MSc project now, my PGDip supervisor has just vanished from the scene, he is not replying to my emails, he is never in his room! what I am supposed to do ? I have just emailed MSc project co-ordinator but he is famous for not replying emails very efficiently ( I know hez busy person:|:| ) and I don't really like to bother someone without prior arrangements. Well lets see, my sisters getting married next month, I need to PLAN which I am really bad at :$ and I have to be in Lahore by 19th but how that is possible is still someone on drawing tables in back of my head.

Over and out!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Devdas in Punjabi :| :| :|

OMG this is funny! Believe me or not but HAHAHHAHA, Have a look yourself and do comment :P