Friday, January 30, 2009

Western countries and us*

A lot of people have asked me about my experience of living in a western world. It is a common preposition; we all carry about the western countries being developed, advanced and stable whereas, most of the Islamic world is ruled either by Monarchs, or the people who have mingled with the system to stay in power for years and years now.

From a general perspective, western countries are seen as more stable in terms of economics, social or politics. Whereas, in our countries are plagued with the lack of basic human rights, essential living necessities, and any kind of a social system to fall back.

Here, I would like to make two points, analysing the differences of the societies and the systems.

1. We lack the system! Any system is a good system as long as it is implemented with all its clauses and processes. Either it is the socialism, communism, capitalism, democratic, non-democratic, Martial law, or whatever it may is. Every system has its pros and cons. As long as it is fully implemented, there is something to get out of it.

The people of have lived in Middle East or is aware of how things work in those countries we see some kind of stability in here. Although, the countries are ruled by open Monarchs or Royal families, and dummy democracy such as in Kuwait, there is a lot of support in public to continue the way things are going. Although, one can debate the cons of the system, and argue Democracy being the ultimate system as adapted by the Western states, one can see the political stability, availability of basic necessities, internal and external security being the privileges enjoyed by the countrymen for some decades now.

Where as, when we analyse the countries like the Egypt or Pakistan, we cannot see ANY steady system being fully deployed in either countries. It is a chaos, for the people who are living in those countries or the countries who have to deal with them.

Politically, democracy is the default system to be followed, where as in both the countries we do not see that, political representative either comes from a political party which does not follow democratic rules within their organisations or elections are being engineered in a way to give unfair edge to the previous premier.
Economically, we still have not decided if the subsidies is a good way to protect the local producers or we want to go with WTO and free economy, hence the mix-match of different theories have brought more poverty and despair for the ordinary citizens of these countries.

Socially, as a nation, we still have not decided if the Islamic social laws are the best way forward or if western liberal laws suites us more. Diversity should have brought useful experience and maturity in the social systems of ours, but due the to lack of bonding or common values being followed, all we see is a huge discontentment among the society and lack of coherence adding to the be wilderness of the young generations.

I hope, I have made a point here.

2. This is my very personal observation I want to share with others. The basic difference I have observed between the Muslim nations and western societies is the difference of their believe. In a western society, a common man looks towards the Government, law enforcing agencies, health services, trade offices to provide the elementary coherence between their beings in this life. Whereas, whatever may be the political stance of a person may be, either it is a secular, conservative or ultra conservative, somewhere in a heart of a Muslim is the fear of God (Allah). Since, as a Muslim we believe in a life hereafter and everything being under His control, we judge our daily deeds from a God's point of view*.

The problem in this system is that, most of the time God's punishments or remunerations are promised for life after, dodging the local enforcing authorities, non payment of taxes, working the way round to get off the system is not a big deal, since they are man made systems, working our way off doesn't mean much.

Without going in to any more details, I will let you people to ponder upon any alternative reasons you may have had, or critical commentary is more than welcome.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

65%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I just don't know what does that mean but yeah somewhat related to the blog world...:P


Monday, January 19, 2009

Situation of Gaza and Arab rulers...

I did want to write about the situation in Gaza for some time now. Palestine is one of the topic most discussed for about few centuries now, but without going into the history, I wanted to share my views on the current political scenario of Middle East and the Palestine, not that I usually express my political opinion on this blog but well, what is it for anyway :).

Living in the Middle East, I wonder why people are criticizing the Arab leaders for not doing enough, whereas according to the usual Islamic belief, Muslims all over the globe are bind by the single Muslim brotherhood or Muslim Ummah and they are bound to help each other any circumstances. It is the Arab patriotism hysteria which started at the beginning of the 20th century, re-induced by infamous Lawrence of Arabia and later with the help of leaders like Gamal Abdel Nasser of the Egypt in 1960’s.

Egypt has been blamed blatantly in this current scenario, where it has helped Israel to keep a siege of the Gaza strip of the Palestine and starve the nation of the basic amenities such as Food, water, power etc. While keeping the common belief, if someone is really capable or is directly responsible for the resolution of the Palestinian conflict, it is the Arabs, than one should keep in mind the status of Arab rulers as well.

There is no democracy in any significant part of the Middle East or the Arab world, yet keeping aside rest of the Muslim world. United States is the official supporter of the State of Israel and all the Middle Eastern countries are American allies. One would wonder, why? Although they have one of the very precious natural resources, which can be used to deter the supporter of oppressing rule of Israel, but Alas, they look for the protection from them instead.

Since, almost all of the Middle Eastern countries with Oil Wealth are ruled by the absolute monarch rulers, who in reality do not have grass root support of their people, they seek refuge from the United States influence in the region, to keep them afloat their tyrannical rule. During the recent conflict of Gaza, there have been huge rallies and protests all around the Muslim world, yet not a single Muslim country took any measure in real terms to deter Israel from what they are doing. In simple words, they just cannot go against American will in any case, in order to protect their own throne.

It is a common understanding about the United States interests in the region, which is of course, a secure and steady supply of much needed crude oil or eventually fuel for the American economy. And for now, leaders of these Arab nations have once again shown the Great Spirit and expected loyalty of the Arab friendship with their western counterparts while shamelessly ignoring the plight of their Muslim brothers in Gaza.

Today, Kuwait is hosting an economic summit for the Gulf region and issue of Gaza conflict is widely expected to be discussed, although I do not see any real outcome of such meetings, except extra earnings for local hotels and closed roads adding misery to the local drivers.

How can a slave go against the master??


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed the change in Gmail's logo, or is it just for me :S


Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Do your part...!


An Appeal to all Citizens of the World

As citizens of our individual countries, we at times become extremely frustrated by the policies of our governments that we deem unjust. We oftentimes feel powerless to change them as more and more of the governments and the politicians who run them become increasingly subservient to global corporate and banking interests. There is, however, one powerful weapon that if utilized collectively can accomplish far greater positive change than marches, protests and demonstrations. The weapon is the boycott of well targeted products. Mexican-American labor leader Cesar Chavez utilized this weapon with great success against the greedy grape growers of Alta California and managed to win many concessions for the exploited farmworkers. The boycott of grapes would not have been successful, however, if the world community did not support it.

Today, as the world community begins to see evidence of the barbaric massacre of Palestinians that took place in Jenin by the Butcher Ariel Sharon and his murderous Zionist Army, one is compelled to just and moral action. Here in Aztlan, we have become extremely frustrated at President George Bush and his inability or unwillingness to stop the horrible slaughter that is occurring in the Holy Land and that may culminate in the genocide of the Palestinian people. We individually have the power of choice to buy one product over another or to simply forgo a purchase entirely. If more and more people around the world do the same, the pressure will become powerful enough to force a positive change. We each can also help by asking our family members and friends to do the same.

Below are products and brands of corporations and businesses that are helping Ariel Sharon and Zionist Israel to continue their racist apartheid policies and illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. We are asking you to boycott these products. The products and brands have been well researched. Each of the companies have ties to Israel and support their policies against the Palestinian people.