Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iceland or Lulu?

Seeing something like that here in Kuwait really, really! brings back lot of memories, there was a time when I went almost vegetarian due to lack of Halal meat available around where I was living, so Iceland used to by favourite place to shop for frozen stuff...and what can beat a veggie pizza for a pound? :P

So the three different kinds of pizza's you can see in this picture taken recently at Lulu Hypermarket shows a week's menu for me at one time ... :P

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Big Egg!

Okay, I do not know if you people have seen them before or not, or even if you would find them unusual but for me I can not remember if I ever had experienced it earlier...

I am referring to Ostrich's Eggs!, I cannot say if I would ever be able to experience it as something on my plate in shape of an omelette or scrambled eggs, but I did saw them in a supermarket the other day. I really do not fancy to alter my love for 'chicken' eggs in any cooked* only a picture of the eggs is enough at the moment.

I actually saw them at 'Lulu Hypermarket' here in Kuwait, and was priced at about 1 or 1.5 K.D (US$ 3.4 or 5.1), yes I cannot remember the exact price, this picture was safely stored in my mobile for sometime now. :P

Have a look and let me know what you think of it...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Kuwaiti licence

Another troublesome day, another nervous morning, but yeah, got my Kuwaiti driving licence today..:)

Monday, February 02, 2009

One more to go...Yahoo! Briefcase

I wonder why all these things have to go...Yahoo! Briefcase is now being closed....perhaps market forces? Recently I checked my Briefcase and was wondering how come they have not upgraded the data storage, which is still at 30 MB, same as like 10 years back, which was like WOW at that time. With all the extra GBs we got for email accounts, I am sure they could have allocated a small chunk of that amount to these services as well, than the so called 'decline of users' wouldn't have taken place. When MSN is all excited by SkyDrive and Google, on verge of launching its own version of GDrive, it is strange to see some one as Yahoo!, one of the pioneers to offer free web space is scaling down.

The cruel world, driven my market forces, and steered by economic crises has already taken a high toll on my memories, first they took away Yahoo! Photos, MSN Chatrooms, Tripod(recently got email to backup before the closure, they were one of the first people to offer free personal website), MSN Groups etc.

I have nothing against what's going on and all, but all this time, I need to take my backups and look for alternative sites....*sigh*