Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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Saturday, April 22, 2006


Check out this latest yahoo beta email service, which I find quite nice actually.

And now this Windows Live Mail which is an upgrade of popular Hotmail service.

Frankly speaking I don't see much different in both of them. Microsoft eventually came out with some decent looking weblook but I still find yahoo beta mail bit more intriguing.

What do you say?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Interesting facts about Somewhere to WRITE!

Its interesting, atleast for me. WinXP is the most popular choice of OS these days and we all know the logic behind that.

What i am excited about is Browser Details. MSIE 'Microsoft Internet Explorer', the bundled software which comes free with windows got 36.71% hits on my counter. So what about rest of 63.29% ? The counter did manage to identify Mozilla(Firefox) and Netscape browser which combined makes healthy figures but what is that Unknown in there? Any hints? guesses? 34.93% is not a figure to be missed, these people got Mac Pcs? or some variants of MSIE only?

I would be interested someone can comment on it with relevant information :)

P.S: Hey all! Thanks for visiting my site anyway;)

Extended long weekend...

Officially we had off from work on Friday and Monday, which makes 4 holidays all together, exciting? hmm I thought so, that's why I planned to go to London. It has been a time since I went to see my dear old friend.

My colleague at work also wanted to go to London for weekend and so rather being bored all the way alone, there was someone else with me to do the same. He was apparently going down to see his old college mate in bournmouth. I think they have pretty nice beaches and good night life out there, which these local people cant resist in this weather.

Anyway it was all good, left at about 15:00 sometime. Weather was so nice, it was sad that we were leaving Bradford on a bright day as I am sure it wont came again to this city for next decade. M1 was as enjoyable as ever. Everyone was looking so happy, people out on there best cars, saw Lotus and Porcshe from 80's, almost all the convertible were out. Even the green grass, cows and horses along the motorway seem to be glad about the Easter. Journey was quick and efficient but only till exit 2 on M4 going towards Central London from Heathrow. The car literally just stopped on traffic signal and refused to start again. It was such an annoying and embarrassing situation. There was huge queue behind us although I was quick to put hazards on.

I always knew this gona happen to me one day, and for few weeks people been saying things about my car as well :( but it was fine till that day, so when the lights turned to red, we pushed the car to local road and I started my investigation. Took us 35-40 mins try to make to run again but all in vain, couldn't see what was wrong with it, it had the lovely sound of starting up but never picks up the ignition.( All drivers out there may know what I'm talking about). Anyway at the end, I pulled a small black tigger and turned on the starter, and car started as smoothly as ever. I was just amazed:| what this stupid looking thing would be for? I still don't know, I think it was some kind of pressure releaser, engine gets bit hot then normal sometimes and it might have created some form of extra pressure in the system and...

Anyway today, Monday, I met my oldest friend from school. The guy is 1 year younger then me but nobody can believe that, he finished his engineering last year sometime, got married back in Kuwait and now he was goin back to Kuwait for good after doing some form of work experience etc. So he is in London with his wife for few days and will be leaving soon. So as I was in London , we met somewhere near Parliament House. It was nice seeing him after long, had a good gupshup all day.

Now I'm back, was home about 12:15. I NEED SLEEP! And soon I will be getting the desired one but just wanted to write something about this trip before my memory tricks me again :)