Sunday, August 31, 2008

Journey back to Kuwait...Part-1

Another flight, another tale but I will not be writing much about it this time. All I want to say is that Etihad flight from Lahore to Abu Dhabi was good, as the airline generally is. But the worst is the same,,, the Abu Dhabi airport!!!! They simply do no have enough place for people to sit and relax as from the look of it one can imagine Etihad airways is running a huge network of flights with long delays included (already experienced during the flight to Manchester earlier) but the general facilities at the airport are just not enough ( I am sure for business class passengers they do have a nice lounge but..) so I am here sitting at a very crowded place almost similar to any city rail station one tends to experience in subcontinent.

It is 1:30 A.M according to the local time and my next flight is at 7:45 A.M in the morning!!! given the choice I would have never choose this flight but it was arranged by my new company simply can't complain :). This airport does not have Wifi internet access in general lounge which is a pain on its own.

End of Part 1.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Birthdays in august :S

I wonder what so special about this month...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Yes I know I am guilty, this site www dot idesir dot com has been great to me for latest Indian movies.

lol its been ages since I downloaded much, good old days in UK, I am posting my user rating, people who use torrents would understand..

Do let me know if anybody wants invite to the site:D