Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some beautiful images of Kuwait on 30/03/2009.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I was a spooky kid?!

Sometimes it really scares me when I think about the thoughts my tiny mind used to be engulfed in, while I was just in my early school...just like these:

- What if what I see is an illusion? May be the words are speak, sound different to other people?

- The sound of letter 'A' is different to each person? How would we know?

- The colours I see might be different to each person as well, colour 'green' might be a complete different concept in minds of other person, Although we all look at the same thing, but our mind picture it differently?

- What if there is no God? May be one intelligent guy came up with idea of a religion to tame the society, provided them with ethics and morals, just to run things smoothly just as a transport department defines roads and traffic regulations.

So now whenever I read thoughts on similar lines, such as this article and the discussion, it just make me go :|:|

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lost Generation

Worth sharing...


Kids these days,

You can really feel things are changing and YOU belong to the OLD times!, when the kids around you, all above 5th grade in schools cannot identify the picture below:

Tourist restaurant

Yesterday, I went with my mate to get eye sight tested. I do wear spectacles since the age of 13, so not that I went it for the first time, although this eye test was due since few years now, I wanted to get it done for contact lenses....I have experimented with the contacts before as well, and due to astigmatic nature of my eyes, it has always been a problem.

Anyway, it was done, surprisingly a helpful doctor, who seemed to know what he was doing...very rare in this part of the world..

Then we met another friend, who was still at work at 7.00 p.m , poor auditors life...had a good chat, got some silly pictures and then we went to a local Indian restaurant.

The reason of my post is to mention the restaurant named, Tourist restaurant. It is one of the old restaurants in the city, and I went to this place after 10-12 years....so in that sense it was a great experience. Although they have not upgraded their outlook as per the competition these days, but no doubt the food was great, and we sat at the same place as we all did, back in school days, when 6 of us school friends came to this restaurant on a birthday party and one of us had 100 rupee bank note with us, which was then torn and given a piece each, just so we can remember each other even after school.

Yes, I am guilty, as it was only reminded by my mate yesterday, if I do have that note piece with me, and I responded with a low voice may-be...

Monday, March 09, 2009

A blessed day..!

I just had to post this.

A page dedicated to the Holy day of Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w)'s birthday i.e. 12th Rabi-ul-Awal 1430 or 09-March-2009 as per this year.

I enjoyed reading it a lot and found it real worthwhile.

Hope you all do the same.



Monday, March 02, 2009

Hala Feb-2009 Kuwait

Had a good time during these holidays.

Kuwait celebrates its independence day on 25th February, when it got independence from United Kingdom in 1961. This day has been usual charm of celebrations since my early childhood, as the day was celebrated with much vibe and ceremonial way than anything.

Kuwait was brutishly invaded by Iraqi forces on 2nd August 1990 and was annexed as a province to Iraq by Saddam Hussain. It was later liberated by the coalition forces in 1991 which was completed on 26th February.

Hence, over here in Kuwait, 25-26 of February is a national holiday. During 1990's the days were not celebrated officially since the terror of Iraqi regime was much lingering in the social mentality as well as official mourning of POWs.

Anyway, coming back to the celebrations, people put large national flags outside their homes, office, they light colourful lights, fireworks but the most enjoying part is just going out on roads, getting stuck in traffic jam on Gulf road, which is a road alongside seashore of Salmiya in Kuwait, and spray each other's vehicles with for foam spray.

The teenagers gathers on both sides of the roads in the residential areas and shower incoming cars mercilessly with spray foam. I will not pass on a verdict on this activity as being good or bad, as I have never done this myself, yet being sprayed several times.

I have tried to capture few videos with my not-so-good mobile cam to share with you guys.

Please have a look and comment.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

Am a busy man, ain't I? lol

So I am back after four days of absence.

  • I got 5 Yahoo! offliners.
  • 43 emails in Yahoo! Inbox. (95% of it must be spam)
  • 17 emails in office mail box.
  • Antivirus needs to be updated.
  • Firewall needs to be updated.
  • Windows needs to be updated.
  • 41 emails in Gmail :| must be lots of blog updates I follow....uff where to start :S
  • 41 Facebook notices.
  • 12 emails in Hotmail 2.
  • 25 emails in Hotmail 1.
  • 9 orkut scraps.
Okay, I am not going to write about blogs update, as I am hoping for long list, I am sure people must have used these four days to do some productive stuff, unlike me who just went out or played PSP at home...so let me get done with all this before the work starts, actually I usually come at office at 7 a.m., whereas our work starts at 8 a.m., still got 30 mins to get through;)

a. Only 5 emails were actually meant for me ONLY, rest was newsletters or spam on Yahoo!.
b. 96% was rubbish in Hotmail as well.