Saturday, May 28, 2005

How WELL i am!

wellness test! Posted by Hello

haan waise, it seems strange that im interested in something like that, but dont know, only since yesterday ( loneliness creates knew interests?), im kinda glued to this blog thing. haan may be just for a time being. anyway got my test as well, dont know what it means :D, and dont think so some test can represent me in fair manner but still posting it ( strange? ) aur haan...u know what, i have least sleep today! and going to work in an hour. came back in view to sleep on my beloved bed, but huh 2 hrs? is that enough, nooooooooo im sure i`ll be on REDBULL tonite, but kie kerien...need money innit?:P bye

28-May-2005 5:45 GMT SLEEP-LESS

well ok, here i am. yes im BORED!, too late at night, almost six in the morning, but haan na cant sleep other then my own bed. me in leeds today wid my mate. saw him after a long time, ahh atleast uni is over now. mmmm am still thinking why im writin all this but yeah may be sumbody reads it. haan came to read mariam's blog, it was interesting as always, wanted to comment and here ended up in writin my own!

well nothin much, had really good pizzas today, may they still strugllin in ma stomach so i cant sleep dnt know, (pause....) or may be im just too excited, finished my 16 yrs of study!!! ahhh...but yeah know troubles ahead...but who cares :P aur haan lets see what we do today, shud be roamin around town center, but i need to go homeeeeeee...( huddersfield, in case)...coz got stupid night shift today, i hate my weekend job:( but haan na no life widout queen:P ( still just the queen of paper)
well anyway i think i better leave this pc before somebody wakes up:$
hope m in a better mood next time

good luck for me!